Friday, February 13, 2015

"Kentucky Bourbon Taste Test"

Bourbon was my favorite alcohol near the end of my drinking. A shot of Jim Beam with a beer back. Yahoo!

Don't use drugs! Drink bourbon instead.

Don't Use Drugs

I bet the mailbox kicked his ass. Nobody messes with the U.S. Postal Service.

Smart Bunny

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! This week has been insane crazy.....That is all... Anyways, here are your questions.

1) Have you ever been to an exposition fair?

2) If you were offered the job of the president, would you take it?

3) Do you think Brett Farve should be allowed to retire his jersey?

4) Do you make to-do lists?

Enjoy your weekend!

"Man charged with 23rd Operating while suspended"

From RacineUncovered

"From the Mount Pleasant Police Department-On Thursday February 5th 2015 at 7:25 am a Mount Pleasant officer initiated a traffic stop on a 1998 tan Cadillac while traveling NB on STH 32. The officer confirmed that the registered owner had active warrants and a suspended driver’s license. The driver was identified as TOMMY SHAVERS, 25 from Kenosha. The Racine County Communications Center confirmed that SHAVERS had several outstanding warrants out of Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie for traffic offenses. SHAVERS was taken into custody and transported to jail. Additionally, SHAVERS was issued citations for:
 Operating while suspended (23rd Offense), forfeiture amount $ 313.00
 Operating without Insurance, forfeiture amount $218.50"

Read more:

How do you get to 23 operating-while-suspended citations in the first place?  At what point , if any, are those charged with  operating-while-suspended jailed?  50 offenses?  100 offenses? 

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You don't believe in that stuff, do you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

'drag queens'

Not every person in the photos below is a 'drag queen,' and that there's a big difference between a transgender person, a transvestite and a drag queen. A transgender person is someone who does not identify with their assigned sex and would most likely not want to be referred to as a 'drag queen.' A transvestite is a cross gender male who enjoys wearing women's clothing. A drag queen tends to be someone who dresses in women's clothing more for performance or entertainment.

Some of these dudes really know how to dress like a lady....

Photos credit of Huffington Post.

"MASH (funeral scene) 'Suicide is painless'.flv"

That was a great movie and a great song.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my fellow survivors of the blizzard of 2015!  How are you?  Actually, for early February, we’re not doing too badly.  There’s snow cover and lots of snow banks, but we’ve generally been in the 20’s and 30’s, temperature-wise.  One of the streets near my home was plowed in better shape right after the storm than it is today.  Maybe snowboarding urchins threw snow back on the street so they could “surf” at night.  There’s hilly terrain here.  I always slow down well before approaching a main intersection.  I’ve seen a few people slide through.  Then there’s no traction as you’re trying to cross this busy street.  Suddenly, the tires catch on the dryer surface of the cross street and you lurch forward.  I’ve seen a lifetime’s worth of idiot drivers in Racine.  The snow and ice just makes them more idiotic.  And dangerous.  I give a very wide berth to anyone I see clowning in the snow in their car and to those who obviously don’t know how to drive.

We have primary elections coming up and Madame Zoltar® endorses Alderman Ed Diehl for Mayor of Racine.  If Mr. Mayor Dickert wins another four years in office, and if at the end of that time (ten years in office), Racine is not a “top ten city,” what happens?  Will someone repay us the wasted tax dollars?  Where do we go for a refund?

In others news, Junior is in love.  Her name is Annette, and he has never spoken to her.  Nonetheless, he’s in “love” with her.  He’s been trying to think of an impressive Valentine’s Day gift for her that he can afford ($13.96).  I said “Gift, schmift, tell her that you’ll put in ten hours for her, doing whatever she wants.  Clean the kitchen.  And then dinner at the Hob-Nob.  For ten hours you are her slave.  Now, that’s a Valentine’s Day gift.”  But first he has to work up the courage to talk to her.  As of this writing, he plans to “trip” and fall in front of her, then get up and introduce himself.  Who knows?  It might work.

I wonder if Señor Zanza will get something for me.  Oh dear, should I be getting a gift for him?  Such are the vagaries of courtship.  Maybe I have something I can regift . . .

Will you, my readers, be my Valentines?  I’ll be yours.  I’m in love with the world, anyway.  Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Is it lust or love?  Who the hell knows?

Be careful out there.  There’s plenty of snow and ice to fall or crash into.  When driving, watch out for children.  They’re easily overshadowed by the snow banks, especially at corners. 

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Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


You'll never believe what this couple found on a Goodwill rack.
Preview by Yahoo

"Wednesday February 11th-Community meeting by Mayoral Candidate Eddie Diehl"

From RacineUncovered:

"This is your opportunity to hear Eddie’s plan for Racine and ask questions on issues important to you!

"Eddie’s 3 Goals as Mayor:

 Accountability to the Taxpayers
 Improve Racine’s Small Business Climate
 Rethinking Community

"Join Us!
Wednesday February 11th 7-8 PM
Gateway, 1001 S Main St, Conference Center, Great Lakes Room 116

"Press release issued by Diehl For Mayor"

Read more:

About Last Stages of Alzheimer's!

I just seen this on my facebook and I listened to this and I have to tell you this put me into tears. This is about Glen Campbell going through the last stages of Alzheimer's. If you have anyone going through this they are not going to even know who you are at the end. Please listen to this and I promise you this will put everything into prospective for you on what is happening with them.

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Hi, Mickey!

Monday, February 9, 2015

"Facebook post saves a life, then leads to rare assisting suicide charge"

Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office
John McCormack
From JSOnline:

By Bruce Vielmetti of the Journal Sentinel

Weekday Funny


I am so happy,  the US used a drone and fired a missile at a car and scrapped out 6 of those ISIS as&&&&&&les.

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Just regift it to someone else.