Saturday, July 8, 2017


From Wisconsin Gazette:

Lisa Neff and Louis Weisberg, Staff writers

News with a twist


It’s bad enough to call the police because you think the thermos containing the sperm and dry ice for your artificial insemination exploded. It gets worse when you call 911 to report it, though, and the sheriff’s office posts the story on its Facebook page — and the next day a news crew shows up at your door. That’s what happened to a Florida woman, who was unable to persuade the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office to remove the post, which included a stock photo of a woman with a disgusted expression.

Royal skies

Some Dutch passengers on KLM flights might have recognized the co-pilot’s voice when he introduced himself on the airline’s Cityhopper services. It was not just their co-pilot telling them weather conditions and estimated time of arrival. It was their king. King Willem-Alexander has served as a regular “guest pilot” for 21 years. The 50-year-old father of three and monarch to 17 million Dutch citizens calls flying a “hobby” that lets him leave his royal duties on the ground.

Dual purpose suit

Sophia George, 88, bought her husband a new gray suit to wear to their 70th anniversary party, which included a renewal of their vows. She figured it was a good investment because he’ll be able to wear it again to his funeral, she said. He’s 93, and recently had a mini stroke. Sophia, on the other hand, is in great health. She led a conga line through the banquet hall.

The company he keeps

Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen is under fire for posting a picture on social media of his daughter wearing only a black lace bra and stockings. The incident was reminiscent of Trump’s statement during the campaign that he’d perhaps date Ivanka, if she didn’t happen to be his daughter.

Don’t try this at home

A woman pumping gas near downtown Milwaukee stopped a thief from stealing her SUV by jumping on its hood and clinging to the windshield wipers as the man tried to drive away in her vehicle. Video of the attempted carjacking shows the would-be thief braking in the gas station parking lot as he tries to throw Melissa Smith off the hood. The suspect gave up and jumped into another vehicle waiting in the parking lot. Smith admits it may not have been the wisest thing to do.

Fashion backlash

First lady Melania Trump came under fire for wearing a $51,000 Dolce & Gabbana floral jacket in Italy. Critics noted that the value almost equals the median income — $55,775 — for an American family. They say such opulence is just one of many inconsistencies with the president’s campaign promise to focus on everyday workers.

‘Hail Hydra’

Images of President Donald Trump with his hands on a glowing orb are lighting up social media. Trump, on his trip to the Middle East, joined Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in placing hands on an orb to officially open a Saudi center for combating extremism. And what fun folks had on Twitter, especially tweeters who know a thing or two about comic book villains and sci-fi evil-doers.

Poppies. Poppies. Poppies

“With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell.” So said the Wicked Witch of the West. Well, authorities in Catawba County, North Carolina, recently seized an acre of poppy plants valued at about $500 million. The AP reported a person who answered a narcotics investigator’s knock on the door said, “I guess you’re here about the opium.” Authorities arrested one person whom they charged with manufacturing and trafficking by possession.

Bear claws and doughnuts

Doughnut-makers in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, discovered their delivery vehicle damaged in a bear attack — and they know why. The owners of the Moose Watch Cafe found their Ford Focus with claw and paw marks and missing a bumper one morning, and they are certain the bear caught a scent of what usually is inside the trunk. A police officer confirmed the trunk smelled like doughnuts — and said a cop should know. The cafe marked the occasion by selling bear claws.

Polly wants a chocolate?

Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, will be updating the popular video game in response to an outcry over in-game parrots eating chocolate. People protested that in the game, players breed parrots by feeding the birds chocolate chip cookies. The concern is that kids might feed real world birds chocolate, which can be toxic. Minecraft responded by saying it will change what the birds eat. As for confusing kids about how parrots breed? Well …



I moved about 3-1/2 years ago.  I'm literally inches within Mount Pleasant.  To my east are a small field and a school.  The school is in Racine.  And when school is in session, there is almost non-stop screaming all day.  I guess every hour is somebody's recess, but I've never heard a noisier bunch of brats.  I've even come to recognize some of the particular screamers.  There is a young girl who has the most ear- piercing scream, and she does it the entire time she's outdoors.  No long after she goes in, out comes "the murderer."  This young gentleman screams like a monster and chases around other kids.  They, of course, scream.

So, anyway, the school year is over and the school is quiet.  It doesn't matter.  I now live on top of a hill and all of the city's noise pollution can be heard here.  Ironically, it was much quieter living on Main St., south of downtown.  For some reason, every loud motorcycle and "hot" car drives by on our street.  They race like hell up the hill (with no knowledge of who  is at the top) and then race back down it.  To me, the hill is one big traffic hazard. You always take it easy when cresting a hill because you don't know what's on the other side.  Apparently the drivers of Mount Pleasant have x-ray vision.  I've seen so many near misses that I'm very surprised no one has been killed yet.

I also hear every siren activated in Racine or Mount Pleasant.  Again, I guess this is because I live on top of a hill now.  Wow.  We have a lot of sirens.  It never stops.  I hear all of the traffic noise off of Ohio St, and a lot off of Hwy 31.

Everyone here drives 50 mph all the time.  I'm used to sledding around at 20-25 mph on tight city streets.  I know I'm a traffic hindrance here, but I don't care.  The speed limit sign says 35 mph, not 50 mph.  Right now they're doing highway work on Hwys 31 and 20.  It's a super fucking mess.  (Almost forgot to mention the air traffic at Batten Airport. A helicopter just reminded me.)  I didn't like the high speeds when I moved here and I'm not real happy with the construction mess we have now  .(Just listened to a motorcycle cresting the hill.)  My housing specialist talked about a residential neighborhood where you could take walks and enjoy nature.  Bullshit.

Don't get me wrong.  I like living in Mount Pleasant.  The cops are much. much nicer here  There's no long lines at my voting location.  And there's half a dozen grocery stores within a mile radius.  There's no real bus service, so you need a vehicle to live here.  Or a trusted friend.  And don't forget the earplugs. 

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Have a good one.

Friday, July 7, 2017


I promised you that I would post some pictures of birds today. What I am posting is from Buena Vista in Bancroft Wi.. We did see a lot more birds but not all the pictures did turn out so I am going to post the ones that did turn out. The weather was not that good that is why some pictures did not turn out.

                                                         This is a picture of a Bobolink.

                                                      This is a picture of a Dickcissel.

                                                    This is a picture of a Indigo Bunting.

                                                 This is a picture of a Savannah Sparrow.

                                                 This is a picture of a Upland Sandpiper.

Four for Fridays!

Hello everyone I hope you are staying someplace that is nice and cool with this heat and humidity. I am so sorry about posting this late Drew is working overtime and I was laying down and I fell back to sleep. Here are your questions!

1) In the summer when it is hot outside do you use a/c or fans?

2) If you use a/c is it a window unit or central?

3) Who taught you to swim?

4) Did that person that taught you to swim teach you in a pool or lake?

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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Finally finally.

Thursday, July 6, 2017


This past Saturday Drew and I went to Buena Vista in Bancroft Wi.. It is a very long drive to go there but it is always worth going there. When we got there we had to wait out a ran storm for about a half hour before we could really drive around to look for birds and wildflowers. We have bird pictures and wildflower pictures. So today I am going to post the wildflower pictures and then tomorrow I will post the bird pictures.

                              This is a picture of Cow Tech they are a little wet from the rain.

                                                 This is a picture of Glade St. John Wort.

                                                 This is  a picture of Orange Milk Weed.

                                                    This is a picture of a Musk Thistle.

                                                      This is a picture of a Spiderwort.

                                                 This is a picture of a White Champion.

"DOJ fines Hobby Lobby $3 million for smuggling Iraqi artifacts"

"Hot dogs from coast to coast"

Of course, the Chicago dog is the only one worth eating. Make sure they're using Vienna beef hot dogs.  Now I'm hungry for one.

"Top 10 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be TRUE"

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It's Thursday all day today.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, chilluns.  How are you?  Did you go to the parade yesteday?  How about the fireworks?  I missed both celebrations.  The parade and fireworks are for kids.  Senor Zanza and Junior went to both.  They said they had a good time and I have no reason to dispute that.  Personally, I don't like crowds and lots of noise.  But my "boys" love it all.  Junior even got a little sunburn.  Why he won't wear sun block, I don't know.  Maybe the girls are impressed with bright red skin. It's supposed to be another nice day today.

I'm so glad that Senor Zanza has taken Junior under his wing.  There's something that a man adds to a child's upbringing.  Junior adores Senor Zanza and the feeling appears to be mutual.  Senor Zanza spends hours with Junior, trying to point him in the right direction. I must admit that sometimes I'm a little jealous of the time they spend together.  But if Senor Zanza wants to play surrogate father to Junior, it's a blessing.  That man does so much for me, and I feel as if I could never repay him.  For his part, he says that he needs no "repayment," that spending time with Junior is its own reward.  You gotta love him.

We've also been "blessed" with some nice weather, although it rains too much.  These are the "perfect" days of summer.  I have all of my windows open now.  The slight breeze is beautiful.  I don't think I'll need the air conditioner today.  I paid my electric bill the other day and I noticed that it was $20 higher than normal.  That's for the air conditioning in May.  August or September are the worst months, although with climate change, you never know.  It will snow in May and be torrid in January.  The world is crazy, so the weather might as well join in.

As proof of the world's madness, I offer Mr. Trump.  President of the United States obsessed with Twitter tweets.  After all the things he promised, he now hides behind his tweets.  And even those are becoming less and less rational.  I thought he would give up within 6 months of winning the job, but he seems to enjoy the perverse aspects of it.  It allows him to really bluster.  And since he's POTUS, it must be true, right?  Why doesn't Trump spend some time quashing North Korea and its constant provocation?.  The country is run by a spoiled brat who needs to be put in place   Wait a minute - that sounds like the United States.  In any case, we need to invade North Korea as soon as possible.  If they press the nuclear button, we have a lot more nuclear buttons than they do.  It's time to feed the people that are constantly facing starvation under North Korea's current rule.  Show them how the rest of the world lives.  Show them how to stage a coup.

Back home, lying John has disappeared.  He has NOT left the job as he promised, probably because of the interest that Foxconn  has shown in Racine county.  He just can't help himself.  He'll meddle in this affair and Foxconn will move on.  After all, he's the Water King of southeast Wisconsin.  The water prices show that they don't reflect the citizens' needs, but, rather, industrial needs.  And thus our water bills go higher no matter if the economy is doing well or not.  We, the little squirts, always end up paying for everything while lying John lives like a king.  Will someone please tie him and gag him and take him out of Racine.  Let the normal politics run their course.  I bet you we'd be back in the black in no time.  We don't meed a mayor, just a City Administrator.

Thank you for reading my blog this week.  I love my readers and I love more readers.  We are a family run by a nut job like me.  I happen to believe in the power of love.  It seems to work for me and my readers.


Have a great time enjoying the summer weather.  Be careful around water.  We've already had a few drownings and near-drownings in Racine.  They should teach swimming in school.  A lot of these victims don't have a clue about the dangers of some waters.  Swim only in lifeguard protected waters.  Don't swim alone.  Although I'm with you all at all times, you need a little more physical help here.
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Just fine.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

"The children seeking cosmetic surgery on their vaginas - BBC News"

Published on Jul 3, 2017
"Doctors say they are seeing a rise in the number of young girls wanting cosmetic surgery on the most intimate part of their body – their genitals. The country’s leading adolescent gynaecologists told the Victoria Derbyshire Programme that girls as young as nine are desperate for the surgery because they are so distressed about the appearance of their vaginas. The surgery is called labiaplasty. It’s where the lips of the vagina are shortened or reshaped. It’s not recommended for girls under the age of 18 as their bodies haven not fully developed, but there are concerns that some girls are being given the surgery unnecessarily on the NHS.

"Produced and reported by Jean Mackenzie"

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Happy Independence Day!