Saturday, June 28, 2014

Open Blog - Weekend

No excuses this time. Apparently, I forgot to schedule a weekend blog. My memory is beginning to worry me.

"The Racine Equality Project Files An Ethics Complaint"

From the Racine Equality Project:

"On June 25, 2014, The Racine Equality filed an Ethics Complaint against District 3 Racine County Supervisor Monte Osterman. Following the filing of the Complaint, Dr. Ken Yorgan had this to say:
"The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non-elected public employees. This investigation has been done with a thorough examination of public records, including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing, and sometimes quite disturbing."

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Four for Fridays

Hello everyone and welcome back! What a week it has become... Slow to start and then it got busy! Now, I'm working much needed overtime. Anyways, your questions....

1) What do you like the most about summer?

2) What do you prefer to listen to music on, vinyl, cassette or compact disc?

3) What movie deserves a sequel?

4) What is your most impressive car repair skill?

Enjoy your weekend! 

Open Blog - Friday

Friday isn't too shabby, either.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

21st Century Cowboy


From Root River Revitalization:

"As you may know County Supervisor Osterman is being brought up on Ethics chargers over his actives over Root River and Rootworks. 7 counts with a large amount of documentation

"This was filed Yesterday by The Racine Equality Project with the County with if my understanding is right also asking the D.A. for charges

"If given a web site to the large fillings/video I was given at Yesterday’s Press event or the Document in Word I will be posting them here too.

"Of course the Journal-Times has nothing on this as of this date after all the way I see Racine the J-T is not writing copy but that is being given to them as in what will and will not be printed and allowed to be printed."

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Best of Racine 2014 - Chinese

Who loves Chinese food?
Who does it best?

Vote now!

Alltime10s Thursdays

Open Blog - Thursday

One day leads to another.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Doctor Conrad Murry

Doctor Murray was Michel Jackson's personal doctor. He is the one accused of overdosing Jackson. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison and only spent 2.

Why would you even think of putting yourself in a position like he did by giving him soooo many types of pain killers and drugs to make him sleep. the sleeping drugs is what killed Jackson.

Poor guy was under contract and only making $150,000 A MONTH! I bet he could afford the good toilet paper!!!

"Thieves attempt carjacking, but can’t get away in a stick shift"

"SEATTLE – A 70 year old woman is stopped by three young men with a gun right outside her Seattle home. They got her keys, but they didn’t get away with her car.  That’s because when the would-be thieves got in Nancy Fredrickson’s car, they discovered it was a stick shift. None of them knew how to drive a manual, so they ended up ditching the car and running away."
Dumb asses.

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my cool cucumbers!  How are you?  We’re finally getting April weather in June.  I guess I should be glad that I don’t have to run the air conditioner very often, but I wonder if those “savings” don’t get spent on higher heating costs in colder winters.  If it stays this cool through fall, I’d say we’re in for another nasty, life-threatening winter.  It gets harder every year to put up with winter.  I love Christmas, but you can have the rest of it.  I’d love to hibernate for three months every year.  That would be a good excuse for putting on body fat, too.

I’m so glad that the police arrested those two alleged bank robbers.  It’s been quiet lately.  I find it hard to believe, but maybe those two guys alone robbed the bars and the banks.  I hope that’s true.  People would feel a little more secure in their homes and businesses.  I’m still locking my car and setting the alarm, I still lock my doors and windows at home.  I’ve always done that.

I do hope that Mr. Mayor Dickert will take some time to pat himself on the back for capturing these criminals.

And what about “Machinery Row,” the latest scam meant to attract Chicago millionaires who are idiots?  I think they said this project is going to cost $65 million.  Don’t worry, however, because the state is going to pay for most of it.  I’m so glad that the state has so much “free” money earned by the sweat of our brows.  It’s only tax money; it’s not like it’s real.

Junior is already getting antsy because the 4th of July is next week.  I reminded him of the power of firecrackers and the permanent damage that they can do.  I told him that if he blows off a finger this time, I’m not going to reattach it.  So far, so good.  But the firecracker tents will soon sprout up in empty parking lots.  It’s hard for a boy to ignore such a plethora of temptations.  I’ll tell you that if a straw buyer provides him with firecrackers, he/she will face the Wrath of Zoltar®!  They’re already too many things that “go bang” in our lives.  I must add that I’ve heard a reduction in the amount of illegal firecrackers exploding each year.  Thank you, Racine Police Department.   

I don’t know about going to the parade and fireworks this year.  I’ll have to wear winter clothing.  I think I’ll stay home with the Señor.  Steaks on the grill for any Irregulars who stop by.  We’ll have a few beers and soda on ice, too, just in case.

That’s it for this week, my dears.  I appreciate your presence and responses.  I love the JTI.

Where to get illegal firecrackers?  Ask:

It’s supposed to be cool for the next few days.  Wear a light jacket or tie a sweater around your neck.  Enjoy the summer, dears, no matter how you do it.  Lacustrine!  

Open Blog - Wednesday

Hello, gorilla or Big Foot or whatever you are

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Racine Equality Project - Press Release

Press Release

Where:     City of Racine WI.        Racine County Courthouse     730 Wisconsin Avenue

When:      Wednesday June 25, 2014

Time:       12:00 PM

Who:       Dr. Ken Yorgan    

Contact:   Racine Equality Project:   3001 Douglas Avenue, Racine WI.  53402  


Subject:    Racine Equality Project Files 7 Count Complaint against Racine County Supervisor
                 The Racine Equality Project, in response to citizen concerns, has pursued an  investigation into the activities of certain elected officials and non elected public employees. This investigation has been done through examination of public records including tapes and transcripts of public meetings and statements by the parties being investigated. What we have found is very revealing, often disappointing and sometimes quite disturbing.

                   A press packet will be available

No, I Am Not Dead And Here Is a Pic of An ISS Pass To Prove It!

Been very busy recently and just wanted to drop in and say hi to let everyone know I am not dead! The JTI comes up in my feedly stream so I have been seeing all the posts but not able to respond much or post. Lots of events at work and as many of you know, we opened an improv theater here in Tucson in January. It is going well, but keeping me (and everyone else) very busy. Shows every Friday and Saturday night, I am teaching an improv class right now and running the tech booth for other groups that rent out our theater for shows. Hardly get to do much photography...although I am scheduled to go up Kitt Peak Friday night and the weather forecast looks promising!

But last night I got a pic of the ISS pass. It wasn't that long after sunset so the sky was still fairly bright. I used the brick wall in the courtyard of my townhome complex to block some nearby lights.

Tough to get many stars in that condition...but a nice little streak nonetheless taken during what photographers call "The Blue Hour" for obvious reasons!

I noticed that Racine is no getting good ISS passes this week while Tucson is. Interesting quirk of the orbit...this pass occurred on the descending node of the ISS I am trying to work this out in my head and going to be distracted for a while (this is OCD and ADD kicking in at the same get obsessed with something that distracts you from work).

WIldflowers Pt 4!

Yes another part to my wildflowers that I would like to share with everyone. The weather lately has not been cooperating to go out and get any quality pictures so I am going to post some that I have from other days. I hope you will enjoy these just as well.

                                 This is a picture of Bluebells taken at Colonial Park in Racine Wi..

      This is a picture of a Crested Dwarf Iris taken at Richard Bong State Recreational Area in Bristol Wi..

This is a picture of a Red and White Tulip taken at Swift Lake East Troy Wi. This was just on the side of the road by the trees.

               This is a picture of a Oxeye Daisy taken at Pike River Pathway in Mount Pleasant Wi..

                This is a picture of Swamp Rose taken at Pike River Pathway in Mount Pleasant Wi..

This is a picture of Dames Rocket taken at Shoop Park in Racine Wi. Now you can see these every place you go.

I have also seen the vines for Trumpet Creepers starting to get green so they will be blooming very soon with all the rain we have been getting. There is one on a pole on three mile road that I keep watching when I pass it.

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures and yes there will be more coming soon.

Open Blog - Tuesday

I'll try.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Little Anthony & The Imperials - "Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop"

Wild, man, wild!


Image Credit: AP
From Racine Community Media:

"Black families pondering a move to the Midwest might want to read this, especially if they have young children. According to a national report, Wisconsin has been ranked the worst state in the country when it comes to racial disparities for children."

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"Infant's arm broken by father having 'adult tantrum'"

From The Journal

"RACINE - A Racine man is expected to be released from jail by tonight after he netted a probation term for fracturing his infant daughter's arm in January."

Read more:

This is the stuff that drives me crazy.  This guy fractured his daughter's arm and fractured his son's arm and ribs.  His punishment: probation.

The judge, like all Racine judges, enables the guy to keep djrinking and beating his kids until someone is killed.  Then everyone will say, "How could this happen?"

Drinking does NOT cause you to beat your children.  I'm so sick of that lie.  Drinking is not an excuse to break the law or children's arms.  I'm a low-bottom alcoholic who caused major injury to myself by drinking, but I still would never think of harming a child.

I know a guy in AA who raped a two-year-old (I don't even wnat to think about it) and blames it on his alcoholism.  Bullshit!

By blaming this child abuser's drinking instead of the guy himself, Torhorst again enables more drinking and child abuse in Racine.

Our judges need to spend a few hundred hours in AA.  Then they might get it: you are responsible for your actions, drunk or sober, NO ONE ELSE.

Great Way to Peel Apples

This is too good........

Click here to see   How to Peel Apples for a Pie

Open Blog - Monday

Decaf is like nonalcoholic beer - what's the point?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"DOE Road Safety 'Classroom'"

Now that's a Public Service Announcement.

"Bryan Albrecht And Gateway’s Unelected Board Add Another $7M In Debt"

From Racine Exposed:

"On 13 June, 2014 Moody’s reported that Gateway Technical College was preparing to issue $7,000,000 in bonds to finance equipment purchases and various building improvement projects.

"Note that the debt of Gateway, which is paid by property owners in the District and appears on property tax bills, will be $55.2M after the bonds are issued. Of course, The Journal Times failed to report the new borrowing and that the notes would be secured by the District’s unlimited tax pledge – which means it is to be added to District Taxpayers Property Tax bills."

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