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Friday, June 15, 2012

Communism: You're Doing It Wrong!

Today on Planet Money's Blog they report a German Bank is issuing a Karl Marx Mastercard. Yes, my irony meter went off scale to say the leaset!

Of course the wags over there had to start a meme to come up with the tagline for the card. You can check the comments on their blog or search twitter for the hashtag #marxcard

Two of my suggestions on twitter: "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his credit limit" and "Try the opiate of the Mastercard".

One of my favorites from other people: "The communist party takes your family in the middle of the night but they don't take American Express".


That is what I get every time I log onto the site now.  I assume that means everybody with Norton protection gets it.  I'll try contacting them, but Symantec is notoriously difficult to work with.

Mungo Jerry - "In the Summertime"

A summer song for a summer day. Look at those lamb chop sideburns.

"Underwater Nightclub NYC"

What a great way to cool off after a hard day's work.

Open Blog - Friday

Thank goodness it's Friday.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Four for Fridays

Welcome back to another Four for Fridays. I am posting this early because Tender Heart and I are going away for the weekend to a wedding up north. I hope you enjoy the questions this week!

1) What is the most hectic day of the week for you?

2) What is the best zoo you have visited?

3) Have you ever been involved in a wedding party?

4) What is your best memory of your father?

Happy Father's Day and enjoy your weekend!

Open Blog - Thursday

Enjoy your day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"Aurora: Clinic doctors will stop admitting patients at All Saints"

From The Journal

"RACINE — Seven Aurora Health Care primary care physicians at Racine area clinics will soon no longer voluntarily admit patients to Wheaton Franciscan-All Saints hospital.

"Instead, in the future those doctors, who have more than 11,000 patients combined, will send them to either of two Aurora hospitals — one in southwestern Kenosha and one in Cudahy.

"Aurora spokesman Adam Beeson said Wednesday the change in policy will likely take effect in about 90 days."

My mother and I share one of those Aurora doctors.  We received letters today informing us of the change in policy. They've been pushing patients toward the Kenosha Aurora facilities for some time now.  What a shame it is that we have just one hospital in Racine.  The only time that mom gets admitted to the hospital anymore is through the Emergency Room.  I have some surgery coming up, and I was wondering if they would do it at Wheaton.  Now I know.

When our doctor left All Saints years ago, he was part of small band of doctors who left because they were unhappy with All Saints.  None of them could practice in Racine for a year.  Mom and I followed our doctor to Aurora in Oak Creek, and that's how we became affiliated with Aurora.  I remember our doctor shaking my hand the first time I saw him in Oak Creek.  He thanked me for my loyalty. He was back in Racine after a year and we stayed with him.  Fifteen years later and now this.  I know that mom will never make it to Kenosha, but now I'm wondering if I should stick with my doctor or switch to a Wheaton one.  Kenosha is not that far, but it's far enough.

They once wanted me to do a urine flow test in Kenosha.  They want you to arrive with your bladder bursting, but don't pee until they tell you to.  How was I supposed to drive to Kenosha like that?  I knew then that something like this was up.  I just saw my doctor last week for a regular check-up.  Some tests are scheduled in three weeks.  I may see him after that.  I'll play it by ear for now.

Wednesday Grin

Meanwhile, the wife was sitting in the bed saying to herself, "Now how do I tell my husband that I've got really bad breath? I've been very lucky to keep it from him while we were courting, but as soon as he's lived with me for a week, he's bound to find out. Now how do I tell him gently?"

The husband finally plucks up enough courage to tell his wife and so he walks into the bedroom. He walks over to the bed, climbs over to his wife, puts his arm around her neck, moves his face very close to hers and says, "Darling, I've a confession to make."

And she says, "So have I, love."

To which he replies, "Don't tell me, you've eaten my socks."

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my bodacious bon-bons!  How are you?  Our weather continues in warm and sunny mode.  Too much of a good thing?  Many lawns around town have turned yellow and brown.  Our grass usually doesn’t go dormant until late July or August.  As I’ve said before, we’re about a month ahead of schedule.  The ground is hard as a rock.  A little rain would go a long way.

I don’t even try to list all of the events occurring in and around Racine at this time of year.  It’s like asking how many stars are in the sky.  I suggest checking The Journal events calendar:  Events come and go daily.  That’s where I found out about this, “Racine Astronomical Society Open House, Fri, Jun 15 2012, 8:30 pm - 11:30 pm CDT:”  The Racine Astronomical Society is a wonderful group, Their website has a virtual tour of the grounds, which include the  Modine-Benstead Observatory:

(Don’t forget, if you visit The Journal too much, you’ll have to start paying them.  Oh my.)

“Summertime and the living is easy…”  Or is it?  Road construction all over Racine has made it anything but easy to get around.  I still do most of my traveling by automobile.  (Astral projecting is not quite as accurate as driving is, and a/p is an enormous drain on my psychic powers.  I’d rather pay $4 a gallon for gas than try to astral project around town.)  There is so much construction, and so many detours, that it has become trying just to go from place to place.  Where are the flying cars that they promised us in the 1950’s?  Personal helicopters would allow us to hop from shop to shop.  Why aren’t Racine citizens given free Segways® and Hoverounds®? Why isn’t our Mr. Mayor Dickert looking into these issues?

There is a stink afoot concerning a local police chief.  Why do our area public officials get into so much trouble?  This is another black eye for Racine, justified or not. Lawsuit, charges against an alderman, another alderman making a ninny of himself on TV, oh my, oh my.  Really?  This is the best that we can do?  How utterly sad.

I will not end my blog on a negative note, my dears.  You are my Positive Pollies; you are the ones that lift my spirits when they flag.  Thank you for reading my blog today.  Thank you for every day.

How to get from here to there:

Party, party, party, my Irregulars!  The days are hot, the nights are cool, have yourself fun, don’t be a fool.  School’s out, so watch out for the kids.  I’ll watch out for you.  Palamate!  

"Marijuana legislation gains momentum across the country"

So, what do you think? Personally, I favor legalization, and regulating it and taxing it, similar to what we do with alcohol.

You may select up to two answers in the poll below.

Pete Seeger - "Little Boxes"

A blast from the past. Remember folk music?

Open Blog - Wednesday

Thanks, dude.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Nuns on the Bus Tour Coming to Racine Next Week"

From Caledonia Patch:

"A group of nuns touring the country will stop in Racine County next week.

"The tour, known as Nuns on the Bus, is making the drive to raise awareness of the work done by nuns throughout the country, after the Vatican leveled criticism at a group of sisters.

"As reported in the New York Times, the Vatican said the Leadership Conference of Women Religious had 'challenged church teaching on homosexuality and the male-only priesthood, and promoted "radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith."'

"The New York Times also reported the sisters were 'reprimanded for making public statements that "disagree with your challenge the bishops."' For example, the Times reported, during the 2010 health care overhaul, American bishops opposed the plan, but many on the Leadership Conference supported it."

Read more:

Go, nuns!  "Radical feminist themes" probably includes the notion that women are equal to men. 

Open Blog - Tuesday

Far out!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Useless Information

Did you know:

Woolworths was established in 1879 as the first five and dime store

Source Trivia Notes