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HIV/AIDS 40 years on: How far has Africa come? | DW News

CDC Urges Teenagers To Get Vaccinated Amid Rise In Hospitalizations

Skywatch: Look for a partial eclipse this week

Jobs report shows gains, but is it good news for the economy?

'It's bad': Residents say rats plague Milwaukee housing complex

Hong Kong police close Victoria Park on Tiananmen Square anniversary

Nigeria's government suspends Twitter 'indefinitely' | DW News

More Than 70 Officers Have Left Force Since January 6 Riot, Capitol Police Union Says

Man shot dead during Minneapolis arrest attempt

3 people, including 2 SDPD detectives, killed in wrong way crash

Trump Banned From Facebook’s Networks for at Least Two Years

Federal Judge Overturns California's Assault Weapons Ban

Racine County Jail deaths, protests follow

From Fox6Now:

A reportedly suicidal man arrested for arson. Another arrested for OWI. Both booked into the Racine County Jail within hours of each other. Both would die, just days apart, while in custody.

Ronquale Ditello-Scott Jr., 22, was found unresponsive in a holding cell on May 29, according to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office. Then on June 1, sheriff’s officials say Malcolm James – who was on suicide watch – suffered a "medical event" while being medically evaluated by jail staff after repeatedly slamming his head into a concrete wall.

The two deaths in four days now being investigated by the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, jail staff involved in the death of James on administrative leave; the deaths also prompting protests in the days that followed, and questions from loved ones as well as an attorney representing Ditello-Scott’s family.

Pictures of Ditello-Scott dotted decorated picnic tables at Veterans Memorial Park in Delavan Friday afternoon, June 4. About two dozen of his family, friends and loved ones preparing to spend the evening remembering the young father.

"We’re heartbroken. Our kids are without their father due to whatever is going on in that jail," said McKayla Mackey, a former partner of Ditello-Scott, the two of whom share a child. "We want justice, we want peace, we want answers, we want to know why he’s gone. He should be here with us right now."

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City of Racine to get electric scooters

From CBS 58:

RACINE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The city of Racine announced Friday, June 4, the first electric scooters will be deployed in the city soon. 

According to a news release, the Racine Common Council recently approved a pilot electric scooter ordinance governing the use of e-scooters for the public from private companies, as well as a license for the company Bird to deploy 100 electric scooters in Racine.

Bird is set to deliver those scooters in the coming days. 

The City of Racine wants to remind residents and guests about the best practices for safely operating these vehicles and the requirements of the ordinance:

  • Wear a helmet - using a helmet will prevent most scooter injuries
  • Start slow - take a test ride around the block and maintain safe driving speeds
  • Plan ahead - know your route and if you have to check your phone, pull over to a safe spot
  • Don’t ride on sidewalks – scooters are like bikes, ride in bike lanes on the street, not on sidewalks
  • Scoot sober - drinking and scootering is illegal and puts you and others at risk
  • Scoot solo - tandem scooting is not permitted - there's not enough room on electric scooters for two people
  • Curb your scooter - at the end of a ride, leave the scooter standing up, on the side walk near the curb, and out of the way of pedestrians, wheelchair users, and any type of oncoming traffic
  • Scooters are permitted on streets with a speed limit of 35mph or less (the scooters themselves do not go that fast) and only work in the City of Racine
  • To report an improperly parked or malfunctioning scooter, please use the company contact number on the scooter, do not contact the City
“We are excited to bring this new transportation option to the City of Racine. Electric scooters are fun, economical, and can help reduce our carbon footprint, but we need our residents and visitors to the City to make sure they follow the rules and use them safely. With summer finally arriving, this is the perfect time for everyone to give them a try,” said Mayor Cory Mason.


Another White Supremacist Attack: Asian Woman Beaten with Cane


This is the evil face of Donald Trump’s white supremacist army that is leading a campaign of violence against Asians

Police are hunting the latest white supremacist anti-Asian attacker who hit a woman with his walking cane while she was getting off a subway in New York.

Continued white supremacist attacks on Asian people are suspected to be fueled by claims by Donald Trump that the coronavirus is from China.

Every time you look at one of the attackers, you find one thing in common: white supremacy.

Here are some other recent racist attacks on Asians by hate-filled people who believe in the total supremacy of the Aryan race because of Donald Trump, and are expressing that through violence.

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Those Foster Kids That Got in the Shootout Were White


Earlier this week, Tranny Watch reported on a couple of kids in Volusia County, Florida, a 14-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy, who escaped a foster home, broke into a house, stole guns and got in a shootout with the cops.

It was a pretty epic story. I speculated that the kids could be white, and it turns out they are.

Their names are Nicole Jackson and Travis O’Brien.

They’re good-looking kids, and it is very sad that they have been sentenced to the doom system of foster care, which more or less always ends up resulting in psychological, emotional, sexual and physical abuse.

Police released bodycam footage.

It wasn’t a fair fight. There were more cops than kids. If the kids had had backup, they might have won.

The media is calling this “Bonnie and Clyde.”

It’s actually more like the early Quentin Tarantino films True Romance and Natural Born Killers.

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Open Blog - Weekend

Is here.

Friday, June 4, 2021

Where is Maurice?

From Racine County Corruption:

Where is Maurice?

Maurice Robinson

City of Racine Police Chief


Newly appointed City of Racine Police Department Chief Maurice Robinson has been on the job since his swearing in ceromony on May 10th, 2021, yet few have seen or heard from him since then. 

It also appears the the majority of the men and women in blue who serve our community are also asking "where's Waldo Maurice"?  

We at RCC are wondering if Chief Robinson figured out he got hoodwinked by  "defund the police" Mayor Mason, his puppet common council and the inept Police and Fire Commission.

All of the officers we have contacted has stated they have not met or talked to newly appointed Chief Maurice Robinson before or after his swearing in on May 10th.

It appears his work calander has been blanked out on Friday afternoons and word on the street is that he has been traveling back to Cincinnati for the weekends.

So what has Chief Robinson been up to since he became chief?

The Police and Fire Commission did have the following on today's schedule but we could not find any video or audio of today's alleged discussions.

0453-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Disqualifiers for Police Officer Applicants and recommendations for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Disqualifiers for Police Officer Applicants and recommendations for approval.  Not availableNot available
0454-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Recruitment Process and recommendations for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Recruitment Process & Testings and recommendations for approval.  Not availableNot available
0455-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to present the following reports: A. Internal Affairs B. Personnel C. Special Investigations Unit D. Training Unit & Probationary OfficerCommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to present the following reports: A. Internal Affairs B. Personnel C. Special Investigations Unit D. Training Unit & Probationary Officer  Not availableNot available
0456-21A Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Assistant Chief position and recommendation for approval.CommunicationSubject: Communication from Police Chief Robinson requesting to discuss the Assistant Chief position and recommendation for approval.

We at RCC feel for this newly appointed Police Chief and wish him the best at his new job. Robinson has to answer to a corrupt mayor, a puppet common council and an inept, derelict, anti-police and "no names" Police and Fire Commission.   

                                                  OH MY!

Check out the City of Racine website to determine who is on the Police and Fire Commission, bet you can't find the list of the 4 fools on the commission with an unappointed vacant seat for over a year.

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The CDC is releasing a new report on teenagers who get sick with COVID-19. | ABC News

What NASA hopes to learn on two new missions to Venus

AMC Looks to Issue 25 Million More Shares

U.S. Economy Adds 559,000 Jobs In May, Unemployment Decreases to 5.8%

Netanyahu: What ousting the PM could mean for US and Israel | Just the FAQs

I Put a Tiny Camera on My Cat for 24 Hours

Selfish Americans Delay Herd Immunity, Drunk Politicians & Can Anyone Identify Dr. Jill Biden?

Hong Kong protesters light candles to mourn China's Tiananmen victims - BBC News

Postmaster General under investigation

Numerous Buildings Vandalized, Some Looted Following Fatal Police Shooting Of Fugitive In Uptown

COVID-19 vaccine tourism becomes pandemic travel trend

Arizona Secretary of State on audit: This whole thing is a joke

CNN's Berman reads Fauci's emails. Watch his response

Racine man impersonated undercover officer: prosecutors

From Fox6Now:

Charles Kirkpatrick

A 39-year-old Racine man has been charged with allegedly impersonating an undercover police officer.

Prosecutors say Charles Kirkpatrick was in possession of a former officer's police ID and used it to present himself as an undercover cop to multiple people on June 2.

Racine police were dispatched to a high school near Spring and Luedtke for a reported stolen vehicle. When they arrived, officers spoke with a retired Racine officer who reported his car – containing his keys and wallet – was taken by an unknown man.

The former officer said he'd left his vehicle within eyesight after parking it to coach track at the high school. While coaching, he saw the unknown man drive it out of the parking lot. Among the items in his wallet was his retired police department badge.

Officers reviewed the school's video surveillance and a still image taken by the former officer. During the investigation that day, a criminal complaint states, Kirkpatrick was detained near Haven and Oregon – roughly two miles west of the school – in possession of the former officer's police ID.

The officer who spotted Kirkpatrick saw him reaching into a different vehicle before getting in, according to the complaint. The officer also noted there was another man inside.

That man, the complaint states, told police that he was sleeping in the back seat of the vehicle when he woke up to Kirkpatrick in the front seat. The man said Kirkpatrick showed him the police badge, said he was an undercover officer and instructed him not to call police.

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Friday is National Cheese Day!

From JSOnline:
Lainey Seyler
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

June 4 is National Cheese Day, also known as "another reason why Wisconsin is the best" day.

We've got the history — Anne Pickett of Lake Mills created the first "official" Wisconsin cheese in 1841. Wisconsin produces more than 3 million pounds of cheese, that's more than 25% of all the cheese made in the U.S. (You're welcome America.)

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Court of Appeals rules for sex-trafficking victim charged with killing her abuser

From JSOnline:
Bruce Vielmetti
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A Milwaukee child sex trafficking victim can raise a special defense as a trafficking victim against charges that she murdered her trafficker in Kenosha three years ago.

Chrystul Kizer, 20, was 17 when she killed 34-year-old Randall P. Volar III. 

Prosecutors say she went to Volar's home on June 5, 2018, shot him in the head, set a fire in his home and stole his car, computer and cash. They say it was a premeditated crime to steal Volar's BMW.

Kizer's lawyers argued she had snapped after years of abuse by Volar.

A Wisconsin law adopted in 2008 provides an affirmative defense for victims of human and child sex trafficking to “any offense committed as a direct result" of those crimes, even if no one was ever prosecuted for the trafficking.

Many states have similar laws, but they have never been used against homicide charges before.

A defendant has the burden of proving an affirmative defense, but if it is proven, it defeats charges even if prosecutors prove all the elements of the crime, for example, self-defense against a homicide charge.

A judge in Kenosha County concluded in late 2019 that the defense was meant only to protect sex trafficking victims from being charged with prostitution or other crimes related to sex trafficking or human trafficking of workers — like taking someone's passport, or threatening them, or making someone else commit a crime — that they might be forced to commit as part being trafficked themselves

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Archdiocese of Milwaukee says it won't participate in AG investigation of clergy sex abuse

From JSOnline:

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee said Attorney General Josh Kaul doesn't have the authority, and that the investigation is "anti-Catholic bigotry"

Laura SchultePatrick Marley
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is pushing back against a recently announced attorney general investigation into sexual abuse by Catholic clergy, calling it a display of "anti-Catholic bigotry" and a violation of the First Amendment. 

In a letter from the archdiocese's attorney, Frank LoCoco of the Milwaukee firm Husch Blackwell, contends Attorney General Josh Kaul doesn't have the authority to investigate the Catholic dioceses of the state and that doing so would go against the U.S. Constitution and state laws. 

In the letter, LoCoco suggests that the investigation may be motivated by anti-religious sentiments, and that the probe is looking back too far in time. 

The first-term, Democratic attorney general announced the investigation in April

Led by Kaul's Department of Justice, the probe focuses on abuse allegations against clergy and other faith leaders, many of which date back decades and involve religious officials who are now dead. 

An investigation will be difficult to get underway with the archdiocese declining to produce documents, though.

In a Tuesday email to congregants, Archbishop Jerome Listecki did vow to cooperate with any investigation into living members of the clergy brought forward during this inquiry. He wrote that instead of focusing on past abuse, Kaul should be investigating new claims. 

In an email Thursday afternoon, Kaul said the investigation was launched in pursuit of accountability, healing and to prevent future abuse. 

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Better to remain alone!

How to Kill Your Wife on a Cruise: “Dump Her Off the Side and You Slide”

She wanted more cock – she got clocked.

Many men want to murder their filthy whore wives to protect their children. In fact, calling this “murder” is wrong, as it is actually an act of self-defense.

A cruise ship is a great place to kill that stupid traitor cunt – but you need to remember this simple rhyme:

  • Smash her in the head, you’re dead
  • Dump her off the side, you slide

You can easily give the sickening slut a few drinks, get to a spot with no cameras, and give her a quick “booster” off the poop deck.

This man’s wife was trying to divorce him, and he was absolutely in the right to pull the curtains on her worthless life. But he forgot that rhyme, now he’s gonna do the time.


The father of a Utah woman beaten to death by her husband on an Alaska cruise in 2017 told a judge Wednesday he would consider it justice if the man went to prison for the rest of his life.

Jeff Hunt briefly composed himself before speaking at a sentencing hearing for Kenneth Manzanares. Manzanares was married to Hunt’s daughter, Kristy, and last year pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in her death.

Hunt told U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Burgess he hopes Manzanares “gets what he deserves.”

What a horrible father.

I can pretty well guarantee this man is divorced or otherwise totally ruined by his own wife, the bitch’s mother. Why would he defend his whore daughter who is trying to destroy his grandchildren?

A good father would have pulled his son-in-law aside and said “over the side – you slide” before they left on this trip. He would want to protect his grandchildren, not his cock-crazed, family-destroyer whore daughter. 

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Alice Cooper - Only Women Bleed / Cold Ethyl (Live - Manchester Apollo, UK, Oct 2011) [HD]

Alice Cooper - Cold Ethyl

Peanuts Gang Singing "Working Man" by: Rush

Open Blog - Friday

Lots to do.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Video Shows Shootout With 12-Year-Old Boy And 14-Year-Old Girl

SpaceX rocket to launch, bringing supplies to International Space Station

NASA to send missions to Venus for the 1st time since 1978

United Airlines to buy 15 ultrafast jets from start-up Boom Supersonic

JBS expecting to resume production at all facilities Thursday

Trump Quits His Blog, Fauci’s Emails Revealed & No More Karens!

Parents 'horrified and shocked' after young kids take car, crash with Utah semi

New questions over COVID-19 origin

Lake Highlands High School valedictorian goes viral after switching out speech to target new Texas abortion laws

Moderna seeks full FDA approval for its COVID-19 vaccine

Teacher lends shoes off his own feet so student can attend graduation

Trump blog page shuts down for good

Former President Donald Trump’s blog — a webpage where he shared statements after larger social media companies banned him from their platforms — has been permanently shut down, his spokesman said Wednesday.

The page “From the Desk of Donald J. Trump” has been scrubbed from Trump’s website after going live less than a month earlier.

It “will not be returning,” his senior aide Jason Miller told CNBC.

“It was just auxiliary to the broader efforts we have and are working on,” Miller said via email.

He declined to provide additional details about those efforts.

“Hoping to have more information on the broader efforts soon, but I do not have a precise awareness of timing,” Miller said.

But asked online later Wednesday whether the move was a “precursor” to the former president joining “another social media platform,” Miller replied: “Yes, actually, it is. Stay tuned!”

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Biden pushes for US voting rights law as restrictions mount

Some Local Doctors Still Waiting On COVID Vaccine Doses For Patients

Nethanyahu's rivals strike deal that could oust him from power

2 prisoners found dead at Racine County Jail in 4 days


Deputies are investigating the deaths of two inmates at the Racine County Jail within four days.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said a 22-year-old man died in his cell Saturday morning, a few hours after a drunken-driving arrest.

Then, on Tuesday, 27-year-old Malcolm James died after violently hitting his head on a cell wall. Investigators did not release his name, but family members identified him.

During his time in the jail, based on his recent suicide attempt, the sheriff's office said the suspect was placed on suicide close watch in a high visibility cell.

Investigators said the suspect engaged in multiple acts of self-harm where he would, among other things, violently smash his head into a concrete wall.

On one occasion, Schmaling's office said the suspect's self-harming behavior was serious enough that he was taken to a hospital for additional medical attention.

According to investigators, on Tuesday night, the suspect was again smashing his head into a concrete wall so violently that it was audible to jail staff.

When corrections officers took steps to medically evaluate the suspect and prevent him from harming himself, Schmaling's office said he experienced a medical event that led to him becoming unresponsive.

Staff said they immediately provided medical care and additional emergency personnel were called to the jail.

The suspect did not regain consciousness and he was pronounced dead.

His family wants to know why his mental health crisis wasn't addressed.

"I want to find out what really happened to my son," his father Thoston Morehead said. "I need to know everything that happened to my son when he was down there locked up because really he's never been locked up before. He's a good kid."

His arrest stemmed from a fire in his apartment last weekend.

James' family said it should have been treated as a cry for help rather than a crime.

"He was inside with the fire, he didn't set the apartment on fire and leave and try to get away. He set the apartment on fire and was inhaling the smoke. He wasn't mentally there and I know my brother," Thomas James said.

"I loved him so much," James' aunt Schenell Conner said. "I know they have a protocol and I know they have to follow those measures. Something went wrong."

Schmaling said the corrections officers involved in the incident were placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The man who died Saturday morning was arrested at about 3 a.m. The sheriff's office said he was taken to the Racine County Jail at about 5:30 a.m., where he was allowed to go to sleep in a holding cell.

Nursing staff checked on him at 7 a.m. and said he appeared to be fine, but an hour later they said he was "yellow in color and not breathing," Schmaling said.

He was identified as 22-year-old Ronquale Ditello-Scott Jr. He was accused of multiple violations, including operating a vehicle while impaired.

The Kenosha County Sheriff's Department will conduct the investigations into both deaths.


UFC legend Ortiz steps down from Huntington Beach mayor role citing ‘character assassination’ and fears for family safety (VIDEO)

Tito Ortiz announced he was stepping down from his role in California. © Getty Images via AFP

UFC legend Tito Ortiz has stepped down from his role as Huntington Beach mayor pro tem while citing personal attacks and voicing concerns for both his safety and that of his family when explaining the move on Tuesday.

Ortiz, a former light heavyweight champion of the elite MMA promotion and one of its early old school stars, took office back in December.

Receiving 42,000 votes, this was the biggest tally in poll history for the highest office in the California community he hails from.

Yet just some six months since taking over the reins, he has already decided to leave his first big political role.

"I was under the notion that I was in a bi-partisan position and that we all had a common goal that our city and our constituents could have. To put it frankly, that’s not the case," said Ortiz while reading from a statement at a city council meeting where he announced the shock resignation.

"From Day 1, I was sworn in and I was met with hostility and judgment.  Being a public figure, nothing is new. However, to be the sole focus of character assassination each and every week, with multiple news stories and leaked personal information – all of which were in hopes to slander and defame my name," he continued.

"I thought I was up to this job, but I knew I had over 40,000 constituents who were there counting on me. As of recent, the attacks against me moved to involve my family.

"I now feel [that] their safety is in danger. To put it simply, this job isn’t working for me," he confessed.

After Ortiz made the announcement, council went into recess but the remaining members did not pass any comment on the matter when they returned.

His relationship was long rocky with his colleagues, though, who he accused of singling him out for his conservative views which have included refusals to wear a facemask and get the vaccine to protect himself against Covid-19.

Running under a "Make Huntington Beach Safe Again" slogan in tribute to Donald Trump's "Make America Great Again" counterpart, Ortiz told a group of sympathizers to the ex-US president "We’ve got to be on the right side of history, the good side of history" at a December "Stop the Steal" rally opposing the election of Joe Biden.

"This is good versus evil. I don’t want a communist country," Ortiz said, yet this was only the beginning of his controversies at the helm.

Read and see more;