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4 phases of COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials explained | USA TODAY

Major COVID-19 outbreak at north Georgia YMCA camp

Why food recalls are increasing

FDA publishes list of dozens of hand sanitizers with toxic ingredients

Knucklehead who thinks washing cash will kill COVID-19 wrecks at least $19K

From New York Post:

The damaged South Korean currency.
Bank of Korea via AP

A South Korean resident put a whole new spin on “money laundering” by tossing cash into a literal washing machine — in order to clean off potential coronavirus germs.
The person, identified only by the surname Eom, damaged at least 23 million won ($19,320) near Seoul earlier this year, then contacted the Bank of Korea to ask if it could be exchanged for new bills, the bank said in a statement.
It is unclear exactly how much money was damaged but the bank said it returned 507 of the damaged 50,000-won ($42) bills at half value. Bank rep Seo Jee Woun said the total amount of moolah lost during the sudsy snafu was “considerable.”
Under the bank’s policy, it will provide new cash at face value if damage is minimal, and half value — or not at all — damage is significant.
Earlier this year, a different person with the surname Kim, damaged cash in a microwave during an attempt to zap away coronavirus germs. The bank exchanged Kim’s damaged money with $4,370 in new bills, Seo said.

Berlin: Thousands protest against coronavirus restrictions

Apple Fire Burns At Least 1,900 Acres, 1 Home Destroyed

'This has been the year of worry': Wisconsin tourism businesses are concerned with Chicago's new travel restrictions

From JSOnline:

Genevieve Redsten
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Since Friday, anyone traveling from Wisconsin to Chicago is required to quarantine for 14 days
The decision by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is designed to limit the spread of COVID-19 as Wisconsin's case numbers spike. But some Wisconsin business owners worry the policy could diminish tourism, dealing yet another blow to the struggling economy.
Lake Geneva  is well-known as a destination for Chicagoans who want to escape the city for some Wisconsin lake views. But according to the travel order, any Chicagoans who travel to Wisconsin would need to self-quarantine for 14 days upon return.
Stephanie Klett — who served as secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Tourism from 2011 to 2019 — now markets the resort town to potential tourists in her role as the president and CEO of Visit Lake Geneva.

Two shot outside Coasters bar Friday night, incident under investigation

From The Journal

Journal Times staff

RACINE – Two people were shot outside of Coasters Bar, 1301 Main St., late Friday night, according to Racine police.
The call was reported at 11:49 p.m. Friday.
The injuries were reported as non-life-threatening for one and serious for the other. One was taken to Froedtert in Wauwatosa.
Racine Police were unable to say Saturday morning if anyone was yet in custody. The incident remained under investigation.
How many more shootings have to occur at this dump before something is done about it?  If Coasters was owned by a black or Hispanic person, it would have been shut down a long time ago.

Our Next Mars Rover is Headed to The Red Planet on This Week @NASA – July 31, 2020

Trump ramps up false attacks on mail-in voting

Ken Cuccinelli gives 'two enthusiastic thumbs up' to Supreme Court ruling on border wall

Indiana student tests positive for Covid-19 on first day of school

(CNN)As an Indiana school district welcomed students to the 2020-21 academic year, one of their students tested positive for Covid-19 on the first day of class, according to a letter sent to parents.
The Hancock County Health Department notified Greenfield-Central Junior High School Thursday afternoon that one of their students, who had attended part of the school day, tested positive for Covid-19, Superintendent Harold Olin said in a letter.
Olin said the school enacted its "Positive COVID-19 Test Protocol" once school officials became aware of the positive result.
School officials immediately isolated the student within the school's clinic, and they examined the student's schedule, including transportation and extracurricular activities, to determine who had come in close contact.
As part of the district's return to in-person learning, "all areas of all schools" are already being disinfected professionally each evening, according to Olin's letter. But the superintendent noted that special attention would be given to areas and classrooms that the infected student had visited.
"We understand that this information will cause concern for some of you. It was very evident today that nearly all of our families and students were prepared to properly follow the safety protocols we have established," Olin said. "Adhering to these protocols is essential for maintaining a safe environment for all students and staff."

Houston-area doctor at center of controversial coronavirus cure video doubles down

What a loon!

TikTok: President Trump says he will ban the social media video app in the US

Congress leaves town without a coronavirus stimulus deal, allowing $600 unemployment benefit to end

From JSOnline:

WASHINGTON – A $600 weekly unemployment benefit that has helped millions of Americans stay afloat amid the coronavirus pandemic will officially end at midnight as Congress adjourned for the weekend without coming to any deal on the program or a larger emergency stimulus package. 
The discussions over another package turned testy Friday as Democrats and Republicans each blamed the other for their inability to come to an agreement, leaving out-of-work Americans in limbo as the vital benefits come to a halt. 
In dueling press conferences, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows laid into Democrats for rejecting a short-term deal to continue the bolstered unemployment benefit for one week, while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi railed against Republicans and the Trump administration for attempting to take a piecemeal approach to helping Americans as COVID-19 cases continue to surge nationally. 

Pigs playing politics while millions of Americans suffer.  No one in government gives a damn about you.  No one. 

Leinenkugel's will retire logo featuring image of Native American woman

From JSOnline:

Chris Mueller
Appleton Post-Crescent

Leinenkugel's will no longer use an image of a Native American woman long associated with the Chippewa Falls-based brewery.
Leinenkugel's has for the past several months been working to update the "look and feel" of the brand and ultimately decided to retire the image of the Native American woman, said Dick Leinenkugel, president of Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company, in a statement sent Friday evening to USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin by Molson Coors. 
Leinenkugel's will begin to make changes to the logo and other imagery related to the brand in the coming months, but changes will also continue through 2021.
"Everything from our beers and packs, to merchandising and marketing, will be reworked with new graphics that pay tribute to our brewery's home in Chippewa Falls, but in a different, reimagined way," Leinenkugel said.

Read more:

Opposition to Tony Evers' mask mandate rises as Senate leader threatens to block it, sheriffs say they won't enforce

From JSOnline:

Molly BeckPatrick Marley
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gov. Tony Evers' statewide face mask order may be in jeopardy less than 24 hours after it was issued.
The state Senate's Republican leader suggested Friday he has enough votes to bring senators back to the Capitol to block the order that takes effect Saturday. And more than a dozen county sheriffs in Wisconsin say they won't enforce the mandate.
The opposition comes as local and state officials turn to face mask orders to help control the coronavirus outbreak, which has accelerated in areas of the country including Wisconsin. 
"Republicans in the State Senate stand ready to convene the body to end the Governor’s order, which includes the mask mandate," Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald of Juneau said in a statement.

Local police chief pleads for 'civility towards one another' ahead of mask mandate going into effect

From The Journal

Adam Rogan

CALEDONIA — As Gov. Tony Evers said on Thursday when announcing he was ordering a statewide mask requirement, "I know emotions are high when it comes to wearing face coverings in public."
In anticipation of Evers' requirement, which requires most people to wear a face covering in most buildings starting Saturday, Caledonia Police Chief Christopher Botsch has issued a plea to the public: Please be civil.
Nationwide, verbal and some physical confrontations have broken out between people who have chosen/been required to wear masks and those who have refused to wear them.

"We encourage everyone to take appropriate precautions to ensure their own health and the safety of others. We are hopeful that members of our community will self-regulate to mitigate exposure to COVID-19," Botsch, who officially became chief in May, wrote in a Facebook post published Friday afternoon. "Whatever your position is regarding the Governor’s Order, we implore civility towards one another ... While everyone may not agree on this topic, I am hopeful that tolerance and civility will rule the day."

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The Last In Line

From Tims Toy & More:

 Ronald James Padavona (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010), known professionally as Ronnie James Dio or simply Dio, was an American heavy metal singer-songwriter and composer. He fronted or founded numerous groups throughout his career, including ElfRainbowBlack SabbathDio, and Heaven & Hell.
Though his parents were from Cortland, New York, Dio was born in PortsmouthNew Hampshire, where his family resided for his father’s service in the U.S. Army during World War II; they soon returned to Cortland. Dio’s music career began there in 1957 as part of the Vegas Kings (later Ronnie and the Rumblers). In 1967, he formed the rock band Elf, which became a regular opening act for Deep Purple. In 1975, Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore founded the band Rainbow and hired Dio to be his lead singer where the band released three studio albums. Dio quickly emerged as one of heavy rock’s pre-eminent vocalists. In 1979, Dio replaced Ozzy Osbourne as Black Sabbath‘s lead singer and appeared on three studio albums with the band which met with success: Heaven & Hell (1980), Mob Rules (1981) and Dehumanizer (1992). In 1982, he left the band to form the band Dio, with two albums certified platinum by RIAA. In 2006, he founded the band Heaven & Hell with ex-bandmate Tony Iommi. Dio was diagnosed with stomach cancer in 2009, from which he died the following year.
Dio is regarded as one of the greatest and most influential heavy metal artists of all time.[5][6] He is known for popularizing the Metal Horns hand gesture in metal culture and his medieval-themed song lyrics.[7][8] According to a version provided by the singer himself,[9] the act derives directly from the classic Italian apotropaic gesture, which his grandmother usually did. Dio had a powerful, versatile vocal range and was capable of singing both hard rock and lighter ballads. He was awarded the “Metal Guru Award” by Classic Rock Magazine in 2006. He was also named the “Best Metal singer” at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards in 2010 and ranked as the genre’s best vocalist in 2013 by music journalist Sacha Jenkins.[10]

Doomsday: World War 1 | Extra Long Documentary

Open Blog - Weekend

The weekend begins with a new month.

Friday, July 31, 2020

More Crap in Cory Mason's Shitty of Ratcine

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and

Cory Mason's City of Ratcine is a cesspool filled with high bacteria
counts - see JT:

RACINE — While Racine's beaches have remained popular this summer with
warm weather and many attractions closed due to COVID-19, swimming in
Lake Michigan at North Beach and Zoo Beach was temporarily banned
Friday morning, the City of Racine, Parks, Recreation and Cultural
Services Department announced.
Eating, drinking, swimming - well... living in the Mason's (Cory,
Rebekka, Scottie + Weber) Shitty of Ratcine seems to be extremely
dangerous to health and life. And wearing a mask will help?

What infantile and intellectually deficient questionable adults
dictate in City of Ratcine.

Also see:

Tim & CIndy

Cory Mason’s Shitty of Ratcine is Crap!

From Racine WI - Sin City:

From JT:

Swimming at North Beach and Zoo Beach currently off limits ‘due to high bacterial counts’

RACINE — While Racine’s beaches have remained popular this summer with warm weather and many attractions closed due to COVID-19, swimming in Lake Michigan at North Beach and Zoo Beach was temporarily banned Friday morning, the City of Racine, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department announced.
Health Department Laboratory staff took samples of the water and found “high bacterial counts,” meaning it is unsafe for people to swim in the lake, according to a release from the city.
The swimming ban “will remain in effect until bacteria levels are within the accepted limits” the Parks Department said in a statement.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED – STAY the FOOK AWAY from Democrat Strongholds like City of Milwaukee, City of Chiraq and City of Ratcine!

I love livin’ in the city [x2]
My house smells just like the zoo,
It’s chock full of shit and puke!
Cockroaches on the walls
Crabs crawlin’ on my balls!
Ohh, but I’m so clean cut,
I just wanna fuck some sluts!
I love livin’ in the city [x2]
Spent my whole life in the city,
Where junk is king and the air smells shitty.
People pukin’ everywhere.
Piles of blood, scabs and hair.
Bodies wasted in the street,
People dyin’ on the street,
But the suburban scumbags, they don’t care,
Just get fat and dye their hair!

What would a coronavirus second wave look like? | COVID-19 Special

Documents detail sex abuse allegations against Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein

Demonstrators form human shield around protesters in Portland

Trump Claims Mail-In Voting 'Will Be Catastrophic' For The Presidential Election | NBC News NOW

Deep divide on aid bill, jobless benefit nears end

Pelosi slams Republicans over stimulus impasse

Florida Teen Charged In Worldwide ‘Bit-Con’ Hack Of Prominent Twitter Users

Swimming at North Beach and Zoo Beach currently off limits 'due to high bacterial counts'

From The Journal

Adam Rogan

RACINE — While Racine's beaches have remained popular this summer with warm weather and many attractions closed due to COVID-19, swimming in Lake Michigan at North Beach and Zoo Beach was temporarily banned Friday morning, the City of Racine, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services Department announced.
Health Department Laboratory staff took samples of the water and found "high bacterial counts," meaning it is unsafe for people to swim in the lake, according to a release from the city.
In a Facebook comment, the Parks Department said that its staff cleans the beaches every two hours, but its efforts could be improved if "more people will realize the importance of leaving it cleaner than when they arrived."
"You want our beaches open? Take care of the environment," another Facebook user said.
The swimming ban "will remain in effect until bacteria levels are within the accepted limits" the Parks Department said in a statement.

Senate Republicans to try to strike down Gov. Tony Evers' state mask order

From The Journal


Less than 24 hours after Democratic Gov. Tony Evers announced a statewide mask order for Wisconsin, Republicans in the Senate have signaled plans to convene in an attempt to strike it down.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, R-Juneau, said in a Friday statement Senate Republicans "stand ready to convene the body to end the Governor’s order, which includes the mask mandate."

"The Governor has caved to the pressure of liberal groups on this," Fitzgerald said. "How can we trust that the he won’t cave again and stop schools that choose in-person instruction this fall? There are bigger issues at play here, and my caucus members stand ready to fight back.”

Fitzgerald did not indicate when the Senate might convene to take up the matter. The GOP-led Legislature has not met in more than 100 days, despite calls by Democratic members to take up legislation related to COVID-19, police procedures and unemployment benefits.

Announced Thursday by Evers, the state mask order goes into effect Saturday The order follows weeks of public statements by Evers that such a mandate was unlikely in Wisconsin.

Under the new order, which expires Sept. 28, everyone age 5 and older must wear a face covering when indoors or in any enclosed space open to the public including outdoor bars and restaurants, public transit and outdoor park structures. The order does not apply to people in their private residences. Face coverings are strongly recommended in all other settings where people may come in contact with others, including outdoors when maintaining physical distance is not possible. A violation of the order would not bring any criminal penalties but could result in a $200 fine.


Mind-controlling fungus makes zombie cicadas lure other cicadas to a zombie fate

Google Chrome to the new Edge browser: 10 steps to help you switch 120 views•Jul 31, 2020

Boris Johnson delays easing of UK coronavirus lockdown

Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline reach $2.1 billion deal with US to supply vaccine doses

Carrie Lam uses emergency powers to postpone Hong Kong election

Ghislaine Maxwell exchanged emails with Epstein as late as 2015, unsealed court documents show

Prosecutor: No charges for officer in Michael Brown’s death

Trump's comments create "maddening scenario" for 2020 election watchers, expert says

At least 8 Marines missing off California coast l GMA

Fauci testifies on coronavirus response

Fauci on limiting protests: "I'm not in a position to determine what the government can do in a forceful way"

From CNN's Health Gisela Crespo

Erin Scott/AFP/Getty Images
Erin Scott/AFP/Getty Images
Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Friday it is not his position to determine what the government can forcefully do, after being asked if the government should limit protesting during the coronavirus pandemic.
In a lengthy and tense exchange, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Fauci during a House subcommittee hearing if the government should limit the protests that have been going on for months now across cities in the US.
The congressman doubled down, arguing that Fauci has given his opinion on a number of things, from baseball to dating, adding that the government moved to stop people from going to work and has limited church services to avoid the spread of the virus.  
After a back and forth, Fauci said, "I'm not gonna opine on limiting anything. I'm telling what it is the danger. And you can make your own conclusion about that. You should stay away from crowds, no matter where the crowds are."

Fauci urges Americans to wear goggles for added COVID-19 protection | New York Post

Goggles?  Can't I just keep my eyes closed when I venture outdoors?

Hell, I'll get a gas mask.  That covers the whole face.  It might come in handy if we have more protests.

Deadly mosquito-borne encephalitis returns to Wisconsin

From JSOnline:

Rick Barrett
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A horse in Dunn County recently tested positive for Eastern equine encephalitis, the state’s first confirmed case of the deadly virus this year.
The mare, approximately 10 years old, was euthanized due to her rapidly progressing neurological symptoms, according to the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.
Horses, other animals and humans can be infected by Eastern equine encephalitis, also known as EEE, a virus transmitted by a mosquito bite. The virus cannot be passed directly between horses or between horses and people.
In an average year, there are only seven human cases of EEE in the country, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But in 2019, at least three Michigan residents died from the virus and at least four others were sickened by it.

More shit to worry about . . .

Brewers' home opener is postponed because of positive coronavirus tests with Cardinals

From JSOnline:

Tom Haudricourt
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

The Milwaukee Brewers' scheduled home opener Friday afternooon at Miller Park against St. Louis has been postponed because of positive coronavirus tests with the Cardinals travel party.
Jon Heyman of the MLB Network was first to report the game had been postponed because of positive tests with the Cardinals. A source confirmed that St. Louis' travel party was instructed to self-isolate in their hotel in Milwaukee. 
St. Louis played in Minnesota on Tuesday and Wednesday, and was off yesterday. If the Cardinals have to remain quarantined in their hotel, it could lead to the postponement of the entire weekend series at Miller Park.
After three Miami players tested positive last Sunday morning in Philadelphia, the game against the Phillies was allowed to be played, and later several other players had positive tests, forcing the team to isolate in their hotel there. Neither the Marlins nor the Phillies have been allowed to play a game since, and MLB stepped in immediately this time to call off the Brewers-Cardinals game. 

What's going on at Foxconn in Wisconsin? A job survey provides some clues -- and may affect whether the company gets tax credits

From JSOnline:

Ricardo Torres
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A survey of dozens of Foxconn Technology Group employees sheds some light on the day-to-day activities of the company in Wisconsin, but few details about the long-awaited production of display panels.
The surveys came as part of a recent audit conducted by Deloitte. Responses from 76 workers covered which Foxconn subsidiaries hired the workers, when was their first day with the company, their job title and description, what projects are they working on, how much work do they do in Wisconsin, and what work have they done outside the state. 
Most employees surveyed work for AFE Inc., a Foxconn subsidiary, and more than half of those surveyed said they work in Mount Pleasant where the company is building a massive complex.
The company has said the complex will include the country’s first liquid crystal display panel factory.
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel obtained a copy of the audit from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp. through a public records request.
The audit will be used by the agency as it determines whether Foxconn hired enough people in 2019 to qualify for millions of dollars in state tax credits. Foxconn has promised to spend $10 billion on a manufacturing complex and create up to 13,000 jobs in exchange for up to $3 billion in public money over 15 years.
The firm missed out on jobs incentive payments for 2018, falling 82 jobs short of the 260 minimum requirement. It will need 520 jobs by the end of this year to get any payments for 2019, and 1,820 next year to receive payments for 2020.
Foxconn has said it will open the display panel plant by the fourth quarter of this year. The company has not said how many people are working in Mount Pleasant, but the audit gives some clues as to what some workers there and elsewhere are doing.
Jobs included security, data and software engineers, legal counsel and someone who works in “TV assembly.

Click to enlarge

Redactions were made to protect employee identities. Three survey responses had other information blacked out by WEDC.
Employees were asked “using general terms and without disclosing confidential information or trade secret, describe the primary project you are working on.”
One employee listed what appears to be the names of four projects, but three of them were blacked out. The fourth project was listed as "Medtronic."
Foxconn has partnered with Medtronic to make ventilators at its facility in Mount Pleasant. The company also has said it is making masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  
Foxconn has bought buildings in Racine and Green Bay for “innovation centers” where little has been done since the announcement. Those properties have a site development project manager, working out of Milwaukee offices, for FEWI Development Corp., who says they are leading the design, build out and continued management of the “Foxconn properties plan.” 
According to the site development project manager’s survey response, Foxconn is working on a build out of its property in downtown Racine, which is planned to cost more than $600,000. 
The person also is working on “mediation of park structure” for a building in Green Bay, capital improvements and repairs at the property in Green Bay and a different property in Racine, along with “leasing spaces in multiple properties.”  
Since breaking ground in 2017, the only products to come out of the Mount Pleasant facility has been masks, of which the company donated 100,000 to the state to combat the pandemic.  
Foxconn activities could be more tied to the pandemic than just masks and ventilators.  
One employee who self-identified as a “senior manager for special projects” regarding the ventilator project and other health related projects, said this of the primary project they are currently working on: 
“Help Racine community to open up economy.”

Click to enlarge

There were a few employees whose answers may create a concern when it comes to the job counting for state subsidies. 
One employee stated they worked for the Foxconn Industrial Internet (Fii), which the state contends is not part of the agreement for tax credits.  
Another employee, who lives in Illinois and works for FEWI Development Corp., stated they don’t do any work in Wisconsin and their job includes facilitating air import/export shipments, along with pickups.  
The administration of Gov. Tony Evers has said the contract between the state and Foxconn may need to be revised because the company has shifted the type of work it plans to do in Mount Pleasant away from a heavy emphasis on production