Saturday, March 25, 2017

Stranger than Fiction

Rumors recently have circulated widely and wildly, online and off, that Donald Trump is an extraterrestrial.

When confronted with the accusations, Mr. Trump grew two small antennas and disappeared.

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Will do.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Stranger than Fiction

Wilt Morris of Allenstown, PA, likes to take long walks in the woods.  Recently, he was met with a bear in his path.  Wilt didn't move and neither did the bear.  After a few fearsome seconds, Wilt offered the bear some of the beer he had been drinking.  The bear chugged the beer and appeared to ask for more.

Now, every Friday afternoon you can find Wilt and the bear getting drunk together on the nature path.  Wilt says, "It's great, but he never buys."

Alt Four for Fridays!

1)  Do you know how to swim?

2)  Are you afraid to receive shots or vaccines?

3)  What was the last good book you read?

4)  Do you do spring cleaning?

Have a great weekend.  The temperature is supposed to drop like a rock later today.  Spring in Wisconsin.

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Mine shake only when I'm going up or down stairs.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my surf and turf.  We're officially in spring so it pretty damn well hurry up with the warm up.  We've had a few breezy days here and there, but no sustained warm up.  Give me the sun.  Nothing else will do.  Let's get this season started.  Nothing else will do.

In reality, we're in the middle of March.  It's a little early to be planting anything around here except for peonies.  (And bodies from Illinois.)  Make a little chart of where your bulbs come up and what type.  This will come in handy in the fall when most bulbs are planted.

I see that Mr. Trump has kept things wild in Washington, DC.  That mouth of his kicks in long before his brain catches up.  Then he just says, "Well, I was told that."  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!  You wouldn't believe the things that I've been told.  Remember, "Trust, but Verify."

I'm not a tweeter or twit or whatever they call themselves, but Mr. Trump's Twitter account is the source of all sorts of insults and sore feelings.

He's not going to be happy unless there's some sort of scandal going on.  Another TV president. Too bad we can't turn him off.

The same could be said for Racine's "hero," Mr. Mayor "Lying John" Dickert.  I believe that both of these politicians have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves and down their pants.  Snakes everywhere.

Plant something.  Anything.  You begin to take pride in your plant.  That's the way it should be. 

Thank you for reading my blog.  Enclosed is my $5.  Put it to good use.  Everyone else has done magic with money,  They say they can make it disappear.  I said, "Pffft - so can I."
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I've already received some lab esults

"GFR Estimate, Non African American

In patients with known chronic kidney disease, the stage of disease based on eGFR is interpreted as follows:
eGFR results 30 - 59 mL/min/1.73m2 = Stage III CKD (chronic kidney disease), or moderate kidney disease."

My kidney function has increased by 1%, just enough to take me from Stage Four CKD back to Stage Three.  Just one point away.

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Have a good

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Sweet Little Sixteen"

From The Shepherd Express:

By Art Kumbalek  1 hour ago

I’m Art Kumbalek and man oh manischewitz what a world, ain’a? So listen, first, a message to our young men struck with the March Madness out there on the hardwood in the Apple this weekend: “GO BADGERS,” you betcha.

Second: If you’re still hungover from St. Patty’s Day Week-and-a-focking-Half, here’s a little story that may make you feel better:

Mary O’Reilly, in tears, goes up to Father O’Grady after his Sunday morning service. He says, “So what’s bothering you, Mary my dear?” She says, “Oh, Father, I’ve got terrible news. My husband John passed away last night.”

The priest says, “Oh, Mary, that’s terrible. Tell me, did he have any last requests?” She says, “That he did, Father.” The priest says, “Pray tell, what did he ask, Mary?”

“He said, ‘Please Mary, put the damn gun down.’” Ba-ding!

And, for some gosh darn reason this old-school tune is gosh darn stuck in my head as I walk this land with broken dreams while I have visions of many things—like money’s happiness is just an illusion, filled with sadness and confusion. And I wonder, what becomes of those broken hearted, who had dough that’s now departed? Fock if I know. Never had any to be departed from; so you tell me.

Anyways, when times are tough I know I’m off to the Uptowner tavern/charm school for a nice cocktail, except they shan’t yet be open at today’s early hour. So first, I’ll plant my dupa over by my favorite open-daily 23-hours and 59-minutes restaurant for a relaxingly light-on-the-pocketbook repast. Come along if you care but you leave the tip. Let’s get going.

Bea: Hey there Artie, nice to see you. What’s your pleasure?

Art: Hey Bea, how ’bout a nice cup of the blackest, thickest and cheapest cup of whatever you’re calling plain-old American coffee today. And by “old,” I mean to say if it is brewed any time after yesterday noon, it’s too fresh. I want a cup of the kind of coffee that in a road construction emergency, you could use to patch a faulty abutment; coffee that any online wimp-ass under the age of 30 would keel over dead from the heady aroma; a cup of coffee, Bea, that if somebody from OSHA was nosing around, you’d be fined for storing said coffee in an unsealed vessel. You got anything like that?

Bea: Coming right up, Artie. Mind if I put my safety gear on first?

Art: No problem, Bea. I’m not going anywhere, what the fock.

Bea: There you go, Artie. So what do you hear, what do you know.

Art: For cripes sakes, I know it’s only a couple, three weeks ’til Easter Sunday and I still haven’t given up anything for Lent. That can’t be good, so they say. How ’bout you Bea, you give up anything for Lent this year?

Bea: If I keep working the hours I’ve been working to make ends meet, I’ll be giving up the ghost, and there won’t be anything holy about it.

Art: God bless you, Bea. I’ve come to feel the same way about quitting something for the Lenten season the same way I feel about quitting something for the New Year’s resolutions.

Bea: How’s that?

Art: Winners never quit; and quitters never win. I’m a winner, ain’a Bea?

Bea: Yes you are, Artie. A winner.

Art: Darn tootin’. You see, Bea, some years ago around the start of a Lent, I got struck down by one of those epiphanies. There I was, all stuck on what I ought to deny myself for the next 40 days or so. Was I going to give up that third pack of smokes of the day, give up the fifth cocktail, cut down on the lavish tips at the gentleman’s club? And then it hit me—I would give up giving up. Give up giving-up anything. And especially give up anything I learned religiously during my glorious grade-school days spent at Our Lady in Pain ’Cause You Kids Are Going Straight to Hell But Not Soon Enough. No ma’am, I then and there decided to LIVE LIKE YOU MEAN IT.

Bea: Hold on Artie, live like “who”?

Art: Live like “you.”

Bea: Live like me? You’d want to live like me?

Art: Why not? I’d like to live like you do, and I mean it.

Bea: Oh my. I think I understand what you’re saying, Artie. It’s just that the use of the second person singular or plural pronoun “you” dipsy-doodling with your nominative or objective case can get a gal like me a bit flustered, and I mean it.

Art: God bless you, Bea. Perhaps best we save further dipsy-doodling for another time, so I guess I better run. But thanks for the coffee and for letting me bend your ear there, Bea—utiful. See you next time.

Bea: My pleasure, Artie. Always nice getting talked at by you. Take care.

(OK, off to the Uptowner where you’ll cover my bar tab and I mean it, ’cause I’m Art Kumbalek and I told you so.)

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The only one this week.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Writ of Mandamus

This is what you have to file to get the city to give you any Fredom of Information requests you've made.  This is what finally pried the facts about the Sugar death loose.

STATE OF WISCONSIN                  CIRCUIT COURT                   RACINE COUNTY

Your Name
                        PETITIONER                                                 Case No. 2017…..                                                                               
                                                                                               Case code: ….
City of….. xyz
                                                                                               Hon. ….
                    RESPONDENTS                                               Circuit Court Judge, Br.


Pursuant to Wisconsin Statutes 19.19 thru 19.39 governing Wisconsin Public Records, Your Name (Herein referred to as PETITIONER) petitions this Court for extraordinary relief in the nature of a Writ of Mandamus, directed to Respondents City of xyz and Attorney ……..  This action seeks this court to compel the City of xyz and Attorney ….. to produce requested public documents under the rules and provisions under Wisconsin Public Record Statutes §19.19 thru 19.39. 
Further, this action seeks an award of attorney’s fees, costs and expenses under Wisconsin Statutes §19.19 thru 19.39
 Wisconsin Public Record Statutes authorizes requesters to inspect or obtain copies of “record maintained by government “authorities.
“[I]t is declared to be the public policy of this state that all persons are entitled to the greatest possible information regarding the affairs of government and the official acts of those officers and employees who represent them.
1.    This is one of the strongest declarations of policy found in Wisconsin statutes
2.     Wisconsin legislative policy favors the broadest practical access to government.
3.     Providing citizens with information on the affairs of government is: [A]n essential function of a representative government and an integral part of the routine duties of officers and employees whose responsibility it is to provide such information. To that end, ss. 19.32 to 19.37 shall be construed in every instance with a presumption of complete public access, consistent with the conduct of governmental business. The denial of public access generally is contrary to the public interest, and only in an exceptional case may access be denied.
4.     Courts interpret the public records law in light of this policy declaration, to foster transparent government.
5.     The purpose of the Wisconsin public records law is to shed light on the workings of government and the official acts of public officers and employees.
6.     Wisconsin Public Record goals is to provide access to records that assist the public in becoming an informed electorate
7.    Wisconsin Public Record statutes therefore serve a basic tenet of our democratic system by providing opportunity for public oversight of government.

Wisconsin Department of Justice further states;
Response must be provided “as soon as practicable and without delay. Wis. Stat. § 19.35(4)(a).
DOJ policy is that ten working days generally is a reasonable time for responding to a simple request for a limited number of easily identifiable records. For requests that are broader in scope or that require location, review or redaction of many documents, a reasonable time for responding may be longer. However, if a response cannot be provided within ten working days, it is DOJ’s practice to send a communication indicating that a response is being prepared.
Requests for public records should be given high priority. • Compliance at some unspecified future time is not authorized by the public records law. The records custodian has two choices: comply or deny.
Mandamus is the exclusive remedy provided by the legislature to enforce the public records law and obtain the remedies specified in Wis. Stat. § 19.37.
To obtain a writ of mandamus, the requester must establish;
 The requester has a clear right to the records sought.
The authority has a legal duty to disclose the records. 
Substantial damage would result if the petition for mandamus was denied.
The requester has no other adequate remedy at law.

In support of this verified petition, Petitioner alleges the following:
1.   Petitioner, Your Name is a resident of Wisconsin.
2.   Respondents are the CITY OF xyz and ATTORNEY…….
3.   Respondents, CITY OF xyz  and ATTORNEY ……… are the holder and/or custodian of the requested public records.
4.  Respondents have failed to produce requested documents upon PETITIONER’S request in a timely manner as set forth by Wisconsin Statutes and DOJ guidelines.

4.   This Court has jurisdiction over the subject matter of this action under Wisconsin Statutes 19.19 thru 19.39., and specifically Wisconsin Statute  19.37 and its subs.

1.      On or about  DATE . 2017 , the PETITIONER  filed a Wisconsin Public records request directly into the office of City of xyz seeking  documents concerning the actions of City of xyz.  (exhibit 1)

List facts of case……………..

10.  A copy of the PETIONER’S contract with his counsel is attached along with his fee schedule.   (exhibit 13)

ARGUMENT -  General Law
 The PETITIONER has demonstrated both a clear and indisputable entitlement to the writ. 
Petitioner lacks an adequate alternative means to obtain the documents without court intervention.   
 This writ of mandamus is seeking this remedy because of the RESPONDNET’S errors, acts and omissions in regards to Wisconsin Public Record Statutes 19.19 thru 19.39
Clear Entitlement to the Writ
As the facts demonstrate, the PETITIONER has acted within the guidelines as set forth by Wisconsin Statutes 19.19 thru 10.39.   
RESPONDENT’S have not complied with Wisconsin Public Records statutes and/or guidelines as established by Wisconsin Statutes and court rulings governing the rules of conduct by government and/or its officials.
There is an administrative failure on the part of the RESPONDENT’S to meet the statutory and regulatory provisions of Wis. § 19.19 thru 19.39.
The RESPONDENT’S have not raised questions or objections concerning the PETITIONERS Public Records Request.
The Respondent’s, City of xyz and Attorney ,,,,,,,,, continues to ignore the rightful claim of the PETITIONER to receive the documents and in a timely manner.
The PETITIONER is clearly entitled to adjudication as the RESPONDENT’’S duty is failing to provide the documents as governed by Wisconsin Statutes and its court rulings.
Lack of Adequate Alternative Means
The PETITIONER is deprived of any further adjudicative process by which to contest the inactivity by the RESPONDENT’S 
The Petitioner has the better of the legal argument as the RESPONDENT’S has shown no statutory or regulatory authority to refuse to take the actions to fulfill the PETITIONER’S request.
Extraordinary Circumstances
It is understood that a Writ of Mandamus is a drastic remedy to be invoked only in extraordinary circumstances.  The Courts and Wisconsin Statutes have noted that the use of Writs of Mandamus in connection with agency matters is necessary when government agencies and/or its agents are not in compliance with the law.   
The PETITIONER has demonstrated with facts in this case that the RESPONDENT’S have failed to act, and has failed to act in a timely manner as required by Wisconsin Statutes.
This is not merely a matter of a delay of the RESPONDENT’S taking administrative action to be compliant with State Statutes; this is a matter of the Respondent’s being derelict and negligent to PETITIONERS right to acquire records, let alone in a timely manner.
This Court has the power to award attorney fees, costs and expenses to the Petitioner under Wisconsin Statutes 19.19 thru 19.39 These  laws has been applied to actions before in Wisconsin  Courts.  
No possible compelling reason exists for the respondent’s refusal to provide the requested documents in a timely manner.
Nature of Relief Sought
This action seeks the Court to issue a writ of mandamus compelling the City of xyz and it’s agents to produce the requested documents as soon as possible and to pay the PETITIONER for his costs to produce this document and any additional costs incurred for this action. 
PETITIONER further requests the court to consider punitive damages against the Respondents; Respondent’s has arbitrarily and capriciously denied or delayed response to the PETITIONER’S request for the documents.  ( Wisconsin Statutes 19.37 (3) … If a court finds that an authority or legal custodian under s. 19.33 has arbitrarily and capriciously denied or delayed response to a request or charged excessive fees, the court may award punitive damages to the requester.)

The City of xyz and/or its agents has exhibited indifference to time schedules as set forth in Wisconsin Public Record laws and suggested policies as set forth by the Wisconsin Department of Justice. The City of xyz is in violation of the spirit of the law and the law itself. It is respectfully requested that this Court  issue an order directed to the Respondents in favor of the PETITIONER  that a writ of mandamus be issued under the seal of this Court commanding the Respondents to immediately comply with Wisconsin Statutes 19.19 thru 19.39 and produce as soon as possible the requested documents.  PETIITIONER  further request  an award of attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred in bringing this Petition under the Wisconsin Statutes and that the Court grant such other and further relief as may be just and proper.

Respectfully submitted this the ___ day of ______,2017.

Attorney for Petitioner
State Bar #.........
E mail……….
Admitted to Wisconsin Bar……..
I, the undersigned, say:
1.   I am an attorney who has been duly licensed to practice law in the courts of the State of Wisconsin since _________, and am a member in good standing of the Wisconsin Bar. 
2.   I have read the attached Petition for Extraordinary Relief in the Nature of a Writ of Mandamus and I know its contents.  The facts stated in the Petition are true to my own personal knowledge, except as to those stated upon information and belief, which I believe to be true.
3.   I declare under penalty of perjury that the above is true and correct.
EXECUTED on the ____ day of ___, 2017, at…………..
Attorney at Law

Below for Public Notary use
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the following date:

Notes;  Wisconsin  Statute 19.37
(b) The requester may, in writing, request the district attorney of the county where the record is found, or request the attorney general, to bring an action for mandamus asking a court to order release of the record to the requester. The district attorney or attorney general may bring such an action.


From Racine County Corruption:

This is a blog entry from Racine County Corruption in its entirety:


Contents of this blog's images may be deemed 

offensive and disturbing to readers.

On or about January 16th, 2017, RCC filed an open records request into the City of Racine Police Department.

RCC received approximately 42 pages of documents and 77 pictures on a disc. Included in the documents was a 4 page "in house" Weapons Discharge Review.
The public records request focused on the actions of police during a no-knock search warrant executed in the 2000 block of Kearney Avenue in the city of Racine on November 30th. 2016. 

During the execution of the search warrant, a dog named Sugar was "dispatched" by police.

According to the documents obtained from the public records request; The City of Racine Police executed the no-knock warrant at 5:03 am on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. seeking an unidentified .40 caliber firearm (handgun). 

This no-knock search warrant was based on an ongoing investigation of an attempted homicide on 11-15-2016 that took place in the 1700 block of Washington Ave.

  Racine Police along with SWAT, SIU, COP, Gang Unit,  FBI Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Gang Task Force and an MPPD officer executed the warrant.

The target of the search warrant was a .40 caliber handgun which was allegedly used by a 17 year old juvenile in an attempted murder.  The 17 year old was a suspect in several shootings involving a dispute among rival street gangs, including the Dirty P gang, of which the suspect was alleged by Racine Police to be a member.

 The search warrant yielded two suspects, both juveniles who were found in the basement.  Authorities apprehended the two suspects and held them for questioning.

Evidence collected during the search included the following; 
 Apple I-pad,

Apple I-phone
ZTE brand touch screen cell phone with shattered face
LG brand touch screen cell phone with shattered face 
2 DNA Buccal swabs.

Out of approximately 15 officers involved in the executed search warrant, only one officer in the documents referenced marijuana and stated the following;

  "Immediately upon entry into the residence I detected an odor of burnt or freshly-smoked marijuana throughout the entire residence".  This officer (Sergeant %%%)  was the SWAT team leader.

Throughout the reports,  there is no mention of any drug evidence collected during the search, nor was the target .40 caliber handgun located during the execution of the search warrant.

Whether any data was collected from the confiscated phones or I-Pad is unknown to the writer at this time. 

Here are a few excerpts from the reports:

"the team breacher forced entry to the front door.  I immediately announce in a clear, loud voice "Police. Search Warrant." I made my way inside to the living room and immediately saw a large white dog jump from the couch and run through a threshold to my left."
“It is common knowledge that persons involved in illegal activity own large, vicious dogs to not only guard against rival criminals but also to impede law enforcement should they be a target of a search warrant”.
"The dog had a delivery system for utilization of the weapon(functioning legs to advance on the entry team,working jaws which was evident by the dog's K-9 teeth which were displayed, no obstructions between SWAT operator Sergeant ### and the dog".

"The dog presented an "imminent threat" to SWAT operator Sergeant ### and the entry team as a whole"

"My assignment was the #1 position in the first cell on the entry team.  I was armed with my department issued M4 rifle and dressed in full SWAT police uniform and body armor"   
( Sergeant ### who "dispatched" Sugar)

According to information gleaned from the reports about the dog;  When police forcefully entered the house, the dog jumped off of the living room couch and ran away thru a hallway into a bedroom.

A SWAT officer fully equipped with body armor and an M4 assault rifle followed the dog thru the hallway and entered the threshold of the bedroom.  The dog was trapped with no other avenues of escape. 

The dog growled, displayed its teeth and moved towards the SWAT officer.  The SWAT officer (Sergeant ###) fearing an imminent threat "dispatched"(executed) the dog, discharging 5 rounds from his M4 assault rifle at the dog.

Racine Police conducted an "in house" review of the incident and found the actions of the SWAT team to be appropriate and justified. 
(the "in house review" was conducted by the team leader of  SWAT, Sergeant %%%)

For additional information concerning this incident;

Now for RCC's take on this event and the police
"in house review".

We hardly consider a dog to be an imminent threat to a fully attired SWAT officer complete with body armor. That argument is both ludicrous and just plain laughable.

 Understanding the dynamics of a high intensity no - knock search warrant may help us in assessing the decision the officer made when he shot the dog.  Before the dog was shot, the room had yet to be secured, so there was a possibility others could have been hiding in the room waiting for the right opportunity to do harm.

The "dispatching" officer stated in his report:
 "the animal showed its teeth, growled and charged in my direction.  Fearing an imminent threat for my safety and the safety of my teammates, I fired three rounds from my rifle as the animal then turned away from me. I could tell I struck the animal 1-3 times. The dog out of view behind the bed, then jumped on the bed and came toward me again.  Fearing an imminent threat for my safety and the safety of my teammates, I fired one round which had an immediate effect, stopping the animal and its advance towards me. the dog was laying on the bed incapacitated but breathing heavily with its eyes open. I was under the impression that, although the animal was fatally wounded , it was potentially suffering.  As a humane measure, I approached and fired one last round in the animal's head which stopped its movement altogether". 

A dog friendly(smarter) officer may have used a less than lethal tactic by using his M4 assault rifle to blunt, block or lightly batter the dog to thwart and discourage any possible attack from the dog. 
The M4 is a durable weapon and the choice of most of the U.S. armed forces.  When the M4 used like a bō, it can be used to block, thrust and strike a dog to deter or thwart its aggressive behavior
So the officer made the choice to "dispatch" the dog instead of using "less than lethal tactics" when one clear choice was available.

To compound the issues:  

The Racine Police Department "in house" Weapons Discharge  Review  was conducted by the same SWAT team leader
(Sergeant %%%%) who led the SWAT team during the incident.
In his "in house" report to Racine Police Deputy Chief John Polzin, Sergeant %%% determined that the actions of SWAT were appropriate and justified.

He got to investigate himself

Open Blog - Spring

Hallelujah, it's finally here.

Sunday, March 19, 2017






"Idaho boy injured, family dog killed by government 'cyanide bomb'"

By Laura Zuckerman

"SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) - A 'cyanide bomb' planted by U.S. predator-control agents targeting coyotes near homes and hiking trails in Idaho exploded when a boy handled the device, injuring him and killing his dog, authorities and relatives said on Friday.

'Canyon Mansfield, 14, was playing with his yellow Labrador retriever, Casey, on Thursday afternoon near his home east of Pocatello when he saw what he thought was a sprinkler head on the ground and touched the device, causing it to detonate.

'The explosion sprayed the boy and his 3-year-old, 90-pound (40 kg) pet with toxic cyanide gas, according to the boy's mother, Theresa Mansfield.

"'Canyon said there was a bang like a bomb, then an explosion of an orange substance that covered him and Casey, who was writhing in pain on the ground before he died right in front of Canyon,' she said.

"Her husband, Pocatello physician Mark Mansfield, rushed to the scene and pounded on the dog’s chest in a futile effort to revive the animal.

"The family and first-responders underwent decontamination procedures and the boy, who was sprayed in the face, was tested for cyanide poisoning at a hospital for the second time Friday, officials and family members said.

"The device, called an M-44, was among several placed in the area by Wildlife Services, an arm of the U.S. Department of Agriculture that targets coyotes, wolves, cougars, foxes and other animals considered nuisances to farms and ranches.

"The agency has been sued by conservation groups claiming that its programs to poison, trap and shoot various predator species violate federal environmental and wildlife protection laws."

Read more:

I must say that I fond it insane that the government is planting cyanide filled landmines out west.  How long before someone is killed by one of these?  Want to know what it feels like when a landmine goes off underfoot?  I have a buddy who stepped on one in the Vietnam War.  To this day, tiny pieces of shrapnel still work their way into his colon.  He'll take a poop and hear the "tink" of metal hitting the bowl. He can't have an MRI - it would pull all the metal out of him.

Must be Dog Days on the JTI.