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"What Have Democrats Done To Solve ANYTHING?": Rose McGowan Goes Ballistic Over 'Rapist' Biden, 'Vacuous' Liberal Elites

From ZeroHedge:

Actress Rose McGowan has gone on a massive, multi-day Twitter rant against Hillary Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, Kamala Harris, the Democratic Party, and former "Charmed" co-star Alyssa Milano.
McGowan - who alleges Harvey Weinstein raped her (he did settle with her for $100,000 in October, 2017 before sending an Israeli intelligence agency, Black Cube, to spy on her) - wrote in a Friday tweet:
"I was raped by a TOP Democratic donor. Hillary Clinton shut down NBC's exposé of HW with one call from her spokesperson," adding "I strongly believe Joe Biden is a rapist. DNC had Bill Clinton, serial abuser of young women (Epstein & others). You want to be pro-Dem? I know more than you will ever know about their evil..."

She then engaged in a fight with enraged leftist actress, Patricia Arquette.

Days earlier, the disaffected actress then slammed the Democratic party, tweeting: "What have the Democrats done to solve ANYTHING? Help the poor? No. Help black & brown people? No. Stop police brutality? No. Help single mothers? No. Help children? No. You have achieved nothing. NOTHING," adding "Why did people vote Trujmp? Because of you motherfuckers."
After McGowan then focused her lasers on former "Charmed" co-star and giant Biden supporter Alyssa Milano, Biden rape accuser Tara Reade piled on, tweeting "And don't ever forget @Alyssa_Milano Joe Biden sexually harassed and assaulted  then ruined my life. Not once not twice but three times."
Apparently McGowan and anyone else who attacks Democrats are automatic Russians:
One has to wonder, how many Democrats feel the same way as Rose McGowan? And how many will reject the party?


Kristina Nikishina/Getty Images

You listen to somebody long enough, somebody who claims to be spectacularly accomplished, or connected, or just generally really really really really impressed with themselves, and eventually, you're just going to have to ask how much of it's true and how much of it's exaggerated for dramatic effect and how much is just slicked-up lies. And not very good lies, at that. Remembering, of course, that it's not healthy to try to reinvent yourself just so people will like you, or be less than true to yourself, or — it's also just not nice to try to convince people you are what you aren't. Especially the professionals.

Let's cut to the chase: movie action hero and self-proclaimed martial artist Steven Seagal has been known to blow his own horn. Maybe he thinks that if he doesn't, nobody else will. People have been hurt on his movie sets when Seagal decides to make a point with physicality; John Leguizamo, actor and comedian, tells the story of the set of the film Executive Decision. Seagal was a supporting character, but apparently walked in and announced, "I'm in command. Everything that I say is law. Anybody doesn't agree?"


Leguizamo laughed — loudly — and Seagal "Taekwondo'ed my ass against a brick wall and hit me with his elbow. He's six-foot-five, and he caught me off guard. He knocked all of the air out of me, and I was like, 'Why?!'" relates Film Ink. (In contrast, Leguizamo is about 5'8". And has since gone on the record saying that Seagal "runs like a girl.")

Another Seagal story tells of the time he was on the set of the 1991 movie Out for Justice and declaring to anyone he could force to listen that he had some sort of special move that would enable him to escape any chokehold. Among those listening was the film's stunt coordinator, Gene LeBell, an expert in judo, wrestling, and an old friend and training partner of Bruce Lee from their days working together on The Green Hornet TV series. Game on, sir. As Mixed Martial Arts (and others) tell the tale, LeBell, age 58, obliged and put Seagal, 39, into a chokehold. Lo and behold — perhaps to no one's surprise, including yours, gentle reader — Seagal couldn't escape after all. And passed out. And, adding to the self-inflicted indignity, soiled himself. In a remarkable show of generosity, LeBell later said, "Well, if a guy soils himself, you can't criticize him, because if they just had a nice big dinner an hour before, you might have a tendency to do that."

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From Tims Toy & More:

I know you’re only talking -To keep the silence out – Maybe you should listen and leave some room for doubt – You’re just handing out bad reputations –  Why don’t you shut your mouth
Overnight sensation, – All mouth and no soul – The bad boys sold your franchise – And stole your rock ‘n’ roll
I know I ain’t no beauty – But I know who I am – I ain’t running for sheriff -I ain’t that kind of man – To live outside the law , my dear You gotta give a damn
Overnight sensation –  You be shot full of holes -The bad boys stole your franchise -And stole your rock ‘n’ roll
You know you put the hurt on me – You do it all the same – Us guys ain’t s’pose to hurt at all -Our faces fit the frame – You know I’m only talking –  To keep you here with me -Maybe you should listen -How hard could it be  – Good manners don’t cost nothing – But that ain’t what you want from me
Overnight sensation – Turn your hard heart cold – The bad boys sold your franchise -And stole your rock ‘n’ roll
You’re just looking for someone
To take your spirit home
The bad boys sold your franchise, baby
And stole your rock ‘n’ roll

Milwaukee and Kenosha have family drug treatment courts. Why doesn’t Racine County?

From The Journal

Adam Rogan

RACINE COUNTY — Milwaukee and Kenosha counties both have drug treatment courts focused directly on families. Racine County doesn’t.
But the local group Alcohol and Drug Abuse Management, which helped set up Racine’s Alcohol and Drug Treatment Court almost 20 years ago, is now planning to push for setting up a Family Drug Treatment Court within the Racine County Circuit Court.
“We already have a foundation for this type of court,” Claudia Van Koningsveld, director of the Women of Worth program based at Ascension All Saints Hospital, said during a virtual ADAM meeting Friday morning, referring to the already established Drug Treatment Court and the Veterans Treatment Court.

Tamerin Hayward, Racine Interfaith Coalition co-president
“Over a decade ago, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Management and Racine Interfaith Coalition worked to establish our Racine County Drug and Alcohol Court and more recently worked to expand its scope. It has been successful in helping individuals with addictions to avoid criminal records and incarcerations leaving them at home to support families and able to get jobs without the hindrance of a felony record,” Tamerin Hayward, RIC co-President and ADAM member, wrote in a commentary to The Journal Times.

This is just a money grab.  The fact of the matter is that "treatment" works in 3-5% of cases.  I got that figure from a retiring AODA counsellor.  "Treatment" asks its clients if they're staying sober.  Gee, guess what their answers are.  All lies, all of the time.

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Democrat Chicago Mayor Bans Protests At HER House, They Are So Crooked

City Council approves $270K settlement, no details provided

From The Journal

Christina Lieffring

RACINE — The Racine City Council on Tuesday approved a proposed settlement with Kurt Hanson and Melissa Hernandez for $270,000, though there was no discussion on why the settlement was being brought forward.
The Executive Committee discussed the proposed settlement in closed session on Monday and voted to send it to the City Council recommending approval. The legislative report on the resolution states the settlement is to resolve litigation Hanson and Hernandez had planned to bring forward against the city. The reason for the litigation was not discussed in open session.
The Journal Times has filed a records request with the city for a copy of the settlement and any claims or complaints filed on Hanson and Hernandez’s behalf which disclose the background of nature of the cause for litigation against the city.
Over a quarter of a million of our tax dollars given away with no explanation of why.  Such actions belong in Nazi Germany, not in America.  "Honest, Open, Transparent" should be tattooed on the foreheads of those who sit on the Executive Committee.  Schweinhunds all.

Submitted by legal stranger:

I have reason to believe the $270,000 dollar settlement is for the illegal taking of property by police.
ie.  killing of dogs

Does Kurt Hanson's name sound familiar?

City of Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot Reveals the Entitled Elite Rich and Queer B*tch She Is

From Racine WI – Sin City:

Go Fuck Yourself City of Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot and City of Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason

What a Fucking Bitch

Groot really demonstrated not only tone-deafness, but her complete disconnect with reality:
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot defended the Chicago Police Department’s ban on protesters being able to demonstrate on the block where she lives, telling reporters Thursday that she and her family at times require heightened security because of threats she receives daily.Lightfoot refused to elaborate on the specific threats, but said she receives them daily against herself, her wife and her home. Comparisons to how the Police Department has protected previous mayors’ homes, such as Rahm Emanuel’s Ravenswood residence, are unfair because “this is a different time like no other,” Lightfoot told reporters.
Her refusal to “elaborate on the specific threats” stinks of Ed Burke’s routine of claiming he was threatened as the head of the Finance Committee and therefore needed a security detail, a city car and CPD single-digit call sign. When this was in the process of being removed, he manufactured a threat from some senile old man so he could keep his detail.
Then she really demonstrates that she thinks she is far more important that you pissants:
  • “I think that residents of this city, understanding the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily basis, on a daily basis, understand I have a right to make sure that my home is secure,” Lightfoot said.
This from the most virulent anti-gun mayor in Chicago history. A mayor known by insiders to carry a small derringer-type weapon in her ill-fitting suits (her keeping a hand in her pocket all the time is a well known street “tell.”) Guess what Groot? Everyone has that Right, they just don’t have a taxpayer funded army to exercise it.
Remember when certain neighborhoods stood up for themselves and warned interlopers threatening to wreak havoc in their peaceful parts of town that it might be a bad idea? Groot said that residents shouldn’t be taking the law into their own hands….when she had (and continues) to strip peaceful neighborhoods of something that keeps them peaceful. She also wants to deny everyone the Right to own something that keeps her safe every single day and night, even when she isn’t living at her main residence.
  • Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Thursday defended the heavy police presence outside her Logan Square home, at a time when police officers are stretched to the limit, citing “specific threats” made “every single day” to “my person, my wife and my home.”“Given the threats that I have personally received. Given the threats to my home and my family, I’m gonna do everything to make sure that they are protected. I make no apologies whatsoever for that,” the mayor said.“I’ve talked to my fellow mayors across the country and, seeing the kind of things that have been done to them and their family members, I’m not gonna have that happen. That’s not what my wife and my child signed up for. It’s not what my neighbors signed up for. We have a right in our home to live in peace.”
You know who else didn’t “sign up” for this bitch?
  • our neighbors
  • our spouses
  • our children
But there you are, acting all high and mighty and presuming to be better than the citizens you are supposed to be serving, working the Department to death, undercutting any semblance of authority we might have, encouraging unfounded complaining, denigrating our representatives, and standing idly by while the men and women protecting you have to stand face-to-face with scumbag terrorists who are doxing them in real time, broadcasting their home addresses and encouraging the rape of their daughters.
Oh, you thought we forgot about your silence on that one? You demand protection your family because they didn’t “sign up for this,” but if a cop’s home is attacked or their daughter gets violated while he or she is standing post to protect yours, we’re supposed to what? Think they signed up for it?
You have abandoned the neighborhoods and destroyed downtown. You thought by waving the white flag, they weren’t going to come for you? You are by far the most useless excuse for a politician we have seen in our lifetimes.
UPDATE: Groot is taking a bunch of fire from the Right side of the internet for this:
Groot is doing for Illinois gun sales what Sparklefarts did for national numbers.
While Shitty of Ratcine Mayor Cory Mason  and City Attorney Scott Lettney  is doing the same for da Shitty of Ratcine:
Meanwhile – in Shitty of Ratcine:
RATcine — A Racine man has been charged after allegedly yelling at two young girls while holding a baseball bat and apparently accidentally hitting one of the girls.
Lazarick L. Riley, 49, of the 3000 block of 16th Street, was charged with a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct with use of a dangerous weapon and four counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.
According to a criminal complaint:
At 12:58 p.m. on Tuesday, officers were dispatched to the area of 16th Street and West Boulevard in reference to a man yelling at two 7-9-year-old girls while holding a bat.
Upon arrival, the officers located Riley lying in the front yard of a residence with a metal bat on the ground next to him. The officers observed that Riley smelled of intoxicants and had thick-tongued speech and labored motor skills.
He was belligerent and argumentative with officers, and they believed he was under the influence of alcohol. Riley denied consuming alcohol and that he was just at court that morning for his two open cases.
Officers spoke to a witness who stated he was watching the two girls as they were playing in the garage with their toys.
Riley then arrived, heavily intoxicated, and wanted to enter the home. The witness said that Riley was homeless and sometimes was allowed to stay at the house, but he refused to allow Riley in and that was when Riley went to the garage with the metal bat.

above this 7-year range takes place. "I Have A Right To Make Sure That My Home Is Secure": Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Defends Ban On Protesters On Her Block

From ZeroHedge:

In the aftermath of the George Floyd killing, protests erupted across dozens of cities in California with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets, and despite the raging coronavirus pandemic they were cheered on loudly by the state's liberal elite with some of the most prominent Hollywood actors taking daily turns to voice their support for the protesters while condemning anyone who did not side with the BLM movement, even when so frequently it devolved into violent rioting and looting of innocent bystanders. All of that abruptly ended, however, when BLM invaded Beverly Hills chanting  "eat the rich." That's when the police quickly showed up and immediately cleared out all the protesters.
But while such NIMBY hypocrisy has long been a fixture of the ultra-liberal Golden State, nothing compares to what just happened in Chicago whose Mayor Lori Lightfoot - best known for encouraging local BLM protests, going so far as saying that black lives are "more important that downtown corporations" after the unprecedented looting that took place last week - defended the Chicago Police Department’s ban on protesters being able to demonstrate on the block where she lives, telling reporters Thursday that she and her family at times require heightened security because of threats she receives daily.
Yes, Mayor Lori is all about BLM protests... as long as they are literally not in her back yard.
Lightfoot refused to elaborate on the specific threats according to the Chicago Tribune, but said she receives them daily against herself, her wife and her home. Lightfoot also told reporters that comparisons to how the Police Department has protected previous mayors’ homes, such as Rahm Emanuel’s Ravenswood residence, are unfair because "this is a different time like no other."
"I think that residents of this city, understanding the nature of the threats that we are receiving on a daily basis, on a daily basis, understand I have a right to make sure that my home is secure," Lightfoot said, failing to grasp the simplest truth that all citizens of "her" devastated city also have a right to make sure that their home is secure although unlike Lightfoot they don't have the local police to protect them. Because when it comes to outrageous liberal hypocrisy, things get complicated.
Lightfoot and Chicago police Superintendent David Brown were asked at an unrelated news conference about a Tribune report noting police have banned protesters from demonstrating on her block in the Logan Square neighborhoodordering officers to arrest anyone who refuses to leave. The directive surfaced in a July email from then-Shakespeare District Cmdr. Melvin Roman to officers under his command. It did not distinguish between the peaceful protesters Lightfoot regularly says she supports and those who might intend to be destructive, but ordered that after a warning is given to demonstrators, “It should be locked down."
Activists and police sources could not cite instances when the city repeatedly locked down her predecessor Emanuel’s block against protesters. The Kenwood block where former President Barack Obama lived with his family when his primary residence was in Chicago was shut down for access only by residents after his election.
But Lightfoot said such comparisons "don’t make any sense," after Brown referenced the ongoing coronavirus pandemic - which she has repeatedly overriden as a concern when BLM protests are to be held - as well as civil unrest that have flared since the George Floyd killing at the hands of Minneapolis police.
"I’m not going to make any excuses for the fact that, given the threats I have personally received, given the threats to my home and my family, I’m going to do everything I can to make sure they’re protected,” Lightfoot said. “I make no apologies whatsoever for that."
It wasn't clear if Lightfoot would apologize to all those millions of Chicago residents who - just like her - are trying to avoid threats against their own families by angry, violent looters; looters whose despicable actions Lightfoot has repeatedly turned her eyes away from in hopes of peak virtue signaling.
According to the Chicago Tribune, since the order, and even for a time just prior to its writing, Chicago cops have repeatedly blocked protesters’ access to the block with groups of officers and barricades. Police have often kept protesters contained at the nearby corner of Kimball and Wrightwood avenues, though one standoff between activists and officers last month saw police go as far as bringing in an armored vehicle in case things got out of hand.
Aside from the expanded police presence to block protesters from reaching her home, Lightfoot already receives 24/7 protection from cops including officers stationed at the residence. Worse, the aggressive overpolicing of the self-absorbed hypocrite mayor has often siphoned away resources from the area’s police district, some sources with knowledge of the situation told the Tribune, leading to quiet grumbling.
Both Lightfoot and Brown noted there are laws on the books banning residential protests, but Brown acknowledged the Police Department does not always enforce them. Brown said the city tries to give “wiggle room” for protesters.
Brown also cited instances where peaceful protests have been “hijacked” by agitators as reason for keeping demonstrators off Lightfoot’s block.
"We have seen very peaceful First Amendment protests for the most part but embedded in each of those protests have been very violent people. And they’re embedded. They put up umbrellas. And they come for a fight,” Brown said. “So we have to prepare for what we’ve seen."
You certainly do, and so do all the other millions of Chicago residents and yet under Lightfoot's directives it will be a miracle if Chicago has a police force this time next year... besides those cops of course stationed at Lightfoot's house to protect the (soon to be former) mayor from the protesters she herself has repeatedly egged on.