Friday, January 9, 2009

This is My Milwaukee

"With containment and decontamination well under way, young professionals are flocking back to Milwaukee. Night life is thriving as though nothing ever happened."


AvengingAngel said...

Ok, that was just plain weird. lol

Beejay said...

No phrases like 'where the trolley round the corner turns...' Come on not a real Milwaukean in that bubushas(sp), no 'ainnas.' Good grief...let me at 'em.

I grew up on the southside of Milwaukee....went 'down on Mitchell Street.' Learned terms like 'make the light out.'

kkdither said...

If you took this seriously, you are...OMG....over the freakin hill...just plain OLD! This is hilarious. I found this information on the "This is My Milwaukee" video:

An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform, often involving multiple media and game elements, to tell a story that may be affected by participants' ideas or actions.

Beejay said...

kk, I don't think we took it seriously! was funny, but Milwaukee in and of itself is a funny town. Also a fun town for me as a young woman. It is one of the places that makes fun of itself or at least used to.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean: "Where the street car bends the corner around".

Lady: "How much are schnecks?"
Baker: "2 for 5"
Lady: "Well then give me 10 cents worth."

SER said...

Isn't Milwaukee the north suburb of Racine?

kkdither said...

No, didn't you read the comments on the link site? Some in Milwaukee were really upset. That was the part that made me laugh. People (not you beejay) are just too serious and too quick to be offended sometimes.

Beejay said...

Anon, you are right...but I believe it is the direct translation from either Polish or German.

When we first moved to Milwaukee, we lived on
27th Street (Layton Blvd) and Mitchell Street. I was in the heart of the good old Southside of Milwaukee.

And, of course, the famous 'bubbler.' I even have a sweatshirt with a picture of a bubbler on it from Summerfest.

OrbsCorbs said...

More Milwaukee-ese: The bubbler

Anonymous said...


I grew up on Congo Avenue, approximately 18th and Forest Home.

I remember walking down Forest Home Avenue and Mitchell Street to go shopping at Sears, Kohl's Food Store, Schuster's, and Goldman's. I also remember watching movies at the Modjeska Theater, buying Beer Sausage at South Side Sausage, and the old trolley buses. We would walk to a store on about 18th and Lincoln to trade magazines and comic books. On most Friday's we would pick up fried Haddock, Perch, and French Fries from a place on Muskego Avenue. We ate the fish fry at home in those day's.

Ah, nothing beat the cold water from the outdoor bubbler on a hot summer walk.

Beejay said...

Anon, oh I remember those days as well...Muskego Avenue is where one of my best friends lived...she is a friend to this day.

Last summer (on my trip from hell), I stopped in St. Louis and met up with a friend who had lived on 24th and Lapham...we revisited the good old days.

Milwaukee was a place to grow up with all the mixtures of the cultures. When I come to Racine, I still end up in Milwaukee with friends.

When I see blogs like this, I miss being in WI and then I see the ones about the sub-zero temps coming and I say...okay, Beejay, the summer is a good time to go back!

Thanks for another trip down memory lane. Do you remember the cheesecake at Woolworth's? The best. And what was the name of the bakery on could get fresh sweet rolls at about 9 p.m. Oh yeah, the good old days.

Anonymous said...

I remember a bakery next to Jonatzke's (spelling?) Pharmacy on 25th and Burnham. They had chocolate cupcakes with white frosting about 2 to 3 inches high covered with chocolate jimmies. Those were good.

I only remember eating at Woolworth's one time. Didn't have the cheesecake. Our family didn't eat out a lot. I do remember eating at the Marc's Big Boy when they opened a restaurant on Mitchell Street.

What about the number of taverns? Most intersections had at least 2 on the corners. I laugh when reading about the people in Racine complaining about the number of liquor licenses.

Anonymous said...

The Czarnina Kid

Beejay said...

I think the drugstore you were thinking of was Chjonacki's....and the bakery was Dainty Bakery. My dearest friend and I used to go to the drugstore for Cherry or Chocolate Cokes and we always had to pick up those little fruit pies for her Dad from Dainty.

Now Harris Drugstore on 27th (Layton Blvd) and Greenfield had those vanilla phosphates...and then there was Model
Drugstore on 16th and Greenfield, where I was not 'supposed' to be. Well, about that....

I also remember the Social Center dances at Grant Grade School on friday nights. I used to go over to the friend mentioned above and put on eyeliner! I was 11 and was not supposed to be allowed it, but somehow I got in....

Pepi's Pizza ... ordered it all the time.

George Webb where my dad caught me (yeah, same friend again).

Taverns...ohmigosh, one on every corner and fish fries. How I miss those fish fries.

I have a friend who lived on Muskego just off Mitchell. So we were all over that neighborhood.

Went to Walker Junior High and alas, my folks moved to 60th and Holt and I ended up at Pulaski.

Thanks so much for tickling my memory. Gave me a smile today.

Beejay said...

The Czarnina Kid was too funny. Again, anon, thanks.