Saturday, January 30, 2010

Art Consultants in Racine: 2 Days = $12,500

"RACINE - A consultant's report on the city's fledgling artist relocation program in Uptown found that city officials need to learn more about the art market as they continue to try to attract artists to Racine.

"The city paid for Artspace's $12,500 consulting fee with federal block grant money allocated to Racine County Economic Development Corp.

"Consultants from the firm spent two days in the city in November meeting with groups and evaluating the city's artist relocation program."

The article stresses that the consultants did not tell Racine to abandon the artist relocation program, just to "fine tune" it. And what consultant would ever tell you that you are throwing away money?

I am so fed up with these a-holes burning up public funds.

Party on, lying John!


kkdither said...

With that kind of money being thrown around, maybe I should forward my work to them? hahaha, hohoho, snort!

OrbsCorbs said...

These thieving, lying bastards use our money to hire consultants who are in the business of relocating artists to tell us that it is a good idea to relocate artists, even if we don't know what we are doing.

So fed up with the lies and lies and lies that come out of City Hall. So then they want to hire a professional liar (with our money) to lie to us some more.

kkdither said...

Okay, seriously... we have NO jobs coming into Racine. Our unemployment rate is ridiculous. Very few homes are selling. People are hurting and fearing the future.

It is beyond irresponsible to throw this type of money into something that does not change the future potential for the regular working people of this city.

Art is great, but people need food, shelter, good schools and jobs before we can "ameliorate" the lives of those whose daily lives aren't really affected by this recession.

OrbsCorbs said...

There are professional artists in Racine who have been quietly plying their crafts and trade for decades, but they are rebuffed because they are not part of the "new" artist carpetbaggers being wooed.

$50,000 for "art" from Texas, but a not a dime for Racine natives.

Fuck you, Dickert and your artsy-fartsy swine. You pigs go to hell.

OrbsCorbs said...

And while I'm at it, fuck Becker, too, because this was all the pedo's idea, anyway. While crisscrossing the country on our dime and hitting on underage girls, the pedo hooked up with some dope-smoking "artists" and had an inspiration: turn a post-industrial wasteland into an artists' colony. Wonderful idea, except what do you do with tens of thousands of non-artistic people who barely have the skills to seek employment? Why, you just party on while they kill each other.

Why Not? said...

Wow, what bullshit.. It breaks my heart to watch (or read about really) Racine's further downhill turn (one wonders how much farther it can go) and still people do stupid shit like this. Truly pisses me off that there seems to be NO ONE talking about the real problems or I should say talking about and putting that money to fixing those problems..

How can anyone looking at Racine think that this is where we need to put 12k? and art consultant?!?! What the hell..

I really love Racine and do hope to move back someday, but I cannot see moving back there with things the way they are.

SER said...

Why-Not...your daughter is young, you have the chance right now to teach her how to wear a shoulder holster and how to shoot a 45 semi-automatic. She will fit right in!

And, and, if she can draw, what a asset she could make for the city.

Go Racine City Counsel, pretty up the city so when someone gets shot, the blood will blend right in!

Talk about a bunch for fucked up assholes...gezzzz

SER said...

Here ya go Racine City Counsel. Read the articles in the Racine Journal Times!

Here is a woman and her children who would be more then happy to receive $25,000, AND, I’m sure she would speak good of Racine!

woman and her children

An another, yes, Artists in Racine, only problem they are ‘SCAM’ artists, just like the City Counsel!


It is about time you people get on board with the taxpayers and get off your personal addends!