Sunday, January 2, 2011

Authorities Begin Collecting Racial Info

All 650 or so law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin are beginning an effort to determine whether deputies and officers are stopping drivers on the basis of race.

Officers must collect the age, zip code, gender and ethnicity of the driver and passengers. They also must collect the reason and outcome of the stop, and if and why a search was conducted, among other things.

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kkdither said...

Get any black/african american person to talk, and they will tell you the answer is yes. I can see the difference in the way officers handle high school kids too.

Sadly, I'm not sure taking information will put an end to it.

I still say that the real problem is in their culture. They need to clean house: stress the value of education, working, caring for children, and stress family, etc. I really feel badly for those who do and are judged before they even open their mouths.

OrbsCorbs said...

I don't know about how the police handle people of color, but I know there is racial hatred in Racine. I hear it from whites and blacks. I don't hear it much from Hispanics, but that's probably because they're doing it in Spanish.

SER said...

Due to an unfortunate turn of events I have had the time to lay around and listen to the police radio. From what I can ‘read’ into the calls, the time of day makes a huge difference!

During the day during the week most calls are vehicle related both blacks and whites alike, speeding etc. or the police are looking for someone. A little later in the day 3pm on violence picks up and the majority is black males, fights, theft, spousal abuse, girl fiend abuse and a list of stupid things they are doing or did which can land them in the poky.

Around 10 – 11pm until about 2am there appears to be lots of white women and the majority again, vehicle violations.

From midnight to early am 5 – 6 there are a lot of family and boy friend/girl friend problems with at least one of them intoxicated and many of them with a weapon, mostly a knife, and the majority is black.

These are purely my comments!