Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Ralph Williams Bay Shore Chrysler-Plymouth classic TV commercial"

From Harry Wait:

WARNING: Adult Language

Someone must have slipped truth serum into this guy's coffee.


legal stranger said...

This is when live tv was really live broadcasting in real time. No chance for editors or censors to edit the broadcast.
These commercials were live, so no additional set up cost were incurred by the advertiser. When a spokesperson went rogue, the results were anything but predictable. That was reality tv back then when it really was real.

OrbsCorbs said...

That's the auto biz. It's a huge economic engine that still allows for haggling and wheeling and dealing in the purchase, maintenance, and repair of vehicles.

billonthehill77 said...

I remember times in back of a ford wagon, I wonder if the saleman is the same guy that was hollering about the car signs I had used to forewarn and block the view from gaukers, the signs on the sides of the windows read:
don't bother knocking if this car is a rocking. Realestate and hotels in Ca. were too expensive for us poor folks. thanks for a trip back to memory lane.

SER said...

A kid I use to hang around with had a Chevy Nomad station wagon.

Five of us where in it one night, the owner was driving and the rest of us were in the back. He would gas it, and then slam on the brakes so we were all flying around. Cops caught us and made the 4 of us in the back get out and told the drive he had to leave and go home or he would get a ticket.

We all walked about 2 block and here comes the wagon; we all jumped back in and got out of downtown in a hurry. That was in the days you could do some thing stupid and the cops would scold you and send you on your way.

kkdither said...

Makes you wonder if this guy might have been fired prior to taping the commercial? If not, he probably was canned shortly afterward! That is hilarious! Too bad we can't all speak candidly about our employers. hehehehe

legal stranger said...

I always speak candidly about my employers, maybe that's why I don't have one.