Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just Call Me Charlie Brown


kkdither said...

Poor Charlie Brown, poor Orbs. I'll post the "funny" I just read for you.....

Anonymous said...

*WOW* I honestly can't imagine your predicament - as I have an IRON STOMACH.

Doesn't mean some foods don't appeal to me -

I hate fish - because of choking on small bones as a Child.

And I do like Peppers- hot ones - up to Habenaroes and Jalapenos, but the guys at work bring in even hotter ones that make me cry and my nose run!

Indeed poor Orbs - as I can consume massive amounts of Brandy, Pistachios, Taco Bell, Burger King and Rocky's. LOL!

Perhaps you should try some POUNDCAKE - Instead!


Anonymous said...


Everybody Wants Some!

Just not stomach problems afterwards.

I, at best get a bit of heartburn from time to time. Your kind of serious problem.... SUKS!

Get better soon!