Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Can Soimebody Lend Me Some Cash?

No joke here.  I have $40 to live on the next three weeks.  I'm looking into bankruptcy.  When I do that, my credit card debt is put on "hold" and I can start repaying those who have lent me money.

I'm very embarrassed by this.  Prices on everything keep going up, but my income is static.  I'm sorry that it's come to this.  I love you all, whether you contribute or not. 


kkdither said...

I get tired of hearing how we are in recovery, and this passage of legislation, or that "fix" will give us tax relief, bring jobs, or turn things around.

The sad truth is that you aren't alone, orbs. My income has dropped and my costs have also grown. With the passing of Act 10 and a drastic increase in contribution to medical, and taking on the full burden of contribution to pension, I was making more money 20 years ago than I am today. How can that be? Prices are at least double or possibly 4 times what they were back then. I don't know how people with children are making it. Many are forced to delay retirement. I go to the grocery store and look at meat in the counter and shake my head.

I see more and more people setting up "go fund me" pages. Times are rough and many are living on the edge.

OKIE said...

Orbs why don't you try a local credit counseling service? A few years ago my boss went to one here and they helped him get out of massive debt. They got his credit card payments in order and now he is doing good. It can't hurt. Make sure it's local and possibly a non-profit.

Last week I read that Scott Walker owed between $10,000 and $100,000 on his credit cards. His aide called it small credit card use. The man makes over $300,000 a year and is in credit card hell. Obviously he can't manage a state or his money.

Toad said...

ORB'S, DON'T feel embarrassed. You have to LIVE., and as KK say's contrary to what the media Is saying, things are NOT good.

OrbsCorbs said...

I might look into credit counseling. I wonder how that differs from chapter 13 bankruptcy, where your reorganize your debt and pay it off slowly?

I'm thinking chapter 7, though, which wipes out all debt.

I keep receiving offers in the mail from finance companies that offer to pay off all my debt and then I just have to pay them, adding another layer of interest on the money. Vultures.