Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Last Known Living 9/11 Rescue Dog Turns 16, Returns To NYC"

From Break:

by PhilHaney on Yesterday

"Today the nation and the world remember the September 11th terrorist attacks on the 14th anniversary. While we honor the memory of the victims and the first responders who selflessly ran toward danger, one hero also being honored is of the four legged variety.

"A major part of the response in the aftermath of the attacks was the search and rescue teams looking for survivors in the rubble of the collapsed World Trade Center twin towers.  Rescue dogs were a vital part of this operation who were able to sniff for human life. A dog named Bretagne and her owner, Denise Carliss were part of the first wave of responders having been deployed from Texas as part of a national disaster group, Texas Task Force 1. Bretagne will soon turn 16-years-old.

"Bretagne and Carliss in September, 2001"

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lizardmom said...

so touching. yes, I cried. What an amazing animal and an amazing story

Toad said...

What a wonderful dog.