Thursday, November 5, 2015

"City Council votes to move rail study forward"

From The Journal

November 03, 2015 9:30 pm  •  CARA SPOTO Comments

"RACINE — The city is on track to study the cost of extending Metra commuter rail service from Kenosha to Racine.

"Under a proposal approved 15-0 by the City Council Tuesday, the city would spend up to $30,000 from its intergovernmental revenue-sharing fund to hire a firm to complete the study. Funded by dollars Racine receives each year from neighboring communities via the sewer service agreement, the fund is intended to help Racine spark development within its borders"

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It's funny how there's never enough money for anything, unless lying John wants to do it.

Actually, I think Racine would benefit from expansion of the rail line.  I'm old enough to remember the North Shore.

I hear their are two light rail locomotives sitting in France that Wisconsin paid for, but never had shipped because of Walker's refusal of government money to expand rail.


OKIE said...

I remember the North Shore. I think some of it was where West Blvd. is today. Am I right or have I lost my mind?

OrbsCorbs said...

You got it. That's where the main station was.

From the Journal Times: 50 years since North Shore Line’s last run

kkdither said...

I don't remember the north shore. It was gone before I made my debut in Racine.

I think it is ridiculous that we turned down that money to expand train service (I thought it was high speed?) which would have extended service to Madison and the twin cities. The contracts were already signed, and yes, we did wind up paying a fine equivalent to the cost of the trains. Then.... we also lost the company and the jobs they provided, AND the taxes they paid, and the taxes their workers paid. Quite the blunder our governor made with that mess. Just another reason I froze my butt off picketing against him. Didn't do a lick of good, though. People bought the lies and rhetoric that they'd get a tax break.

Johnson is sending jobs to Illinois, Oscar Meyer is leaving, taking massive jobs from our tax rolls. There are jobs to be had.... low wage jobs, and part-time, no insurance and no benefit jobs. Despite the claims, it looks like Wisconsin is NOT open for business.