Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dear Madame Zoltar

Season's Greetings, my dear, darling elves.  How are you?  I hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving.  I'm glad it didn't snow.  Our temps have been seasonal.  That blockbuster snowstorm was a pain in the tutu, but otherwise I guess we're doing OK.  "They" say there may be a dusting of snow on the ground when you read this.  Or maybe 12 inches of heavy, wet snow.  Or the Second Coming.  It doesn't matter what you predict as a meteorologist.  Really, it doesn't matter.  I think they vie for the most absurd prediction.

As for our most vaunted Green Bay Packers, I think they ate too much turkey and let the Chicago Bears beat them.  C'mon boys, we're used to being near the top of the heap, not the middle.  Their next match-up is at the Detroit Lions on Thursday, December 3rd,  tomorrow night, at 7:25 PM.  Make them pay, boys, for your recent losses.

Here are the latest standings from the Irregular Football League:

The Mighty Bears are at the top of the Irregulars' heap.  Congratulations.  The Orbliterators, meanwhile, are carp food.  Oh dear!  Did Ms. THB and Ms. OKIE have a bet on the real game?  Did Ms. kk watch one of her favorites, Brett Favre, during his number (4)  retirement on Thanksgiving?  Old Bart Starr was there, but he's the Packer's hero of my generation.  "The 81-year-old Starr is recovering from two strokes and a heart attack." JSOnline. Christ, I'm surprised he's still upright.  Then again, quarterbacks usually don't suffer injuries like linemen.

We've started decorating at our house.  Everyone pitches in.  We usually select one day when we're going to get a tree  After the tree is up and lit, we spend the rest of the day decorating it.  After that, everyone puts up some decorations.  Before long, it looks like Christmas here.

As for the outdoor lights, I'd just as soon that they don't get put up.  Señor Zanza and Junior usually do the work.  I'm always apprehensive that they'll fall or get electrocuted.  Every year, I'm out-voted on that one.  Just don't blame me if the worst happens.  I'd be fine with lights or candles in the windows.  Somehow, every year, it all gets done.

Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy and  goodwill.  All too often, though, it's exactly the opposite.  If the holidays get you down, don't suffer in silence.  There are support groups for those depressed by the holidays.  Or just slow down and talk with a friend.  The whole holiday season can be draining and/or unnerving to some.  Remember what this time of year is for.  I don't think Jesus is more impressed with a home that has thousands of holiday lights on it, than He is by your simple prayer.

Thank you to all of my readers for stopping by to check out my blog this week.  I love and respect each and every one of you.  I even respect those that don't read my blog because they soon will be.

How to hypnotize others and make them decorate your house:

Drive (and walk) safely, my friends.  Sometimes just a little snow is worse than a lot.  People feel over-confident and slip slide their way on.  Steady as she goes and you'll get there.  Allot yourself more time.  I love you all. 


OKIE said...

Hello Madame. THB and I did not bet this year. Probably because she lost 3-4 in a row. :}

We are enjoying temps in the 50's with the sun. It's been a grand week, compared to last.

Thanks as always for your thoughts and wisdom Madame.

Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame and OKIE I can tell you one thing I am not upset about the 3-4 loss. I just never thought about that this time because I was getting ready to go up north.

I haven't even started to get my Christmas decorations up yet or even start my cookies.

kkdither said...

I did watch Brett and Bart. It was difficult to see Bart having such difficulties. It was also heartwarming to see him enjoying his time back in Lambeau. I was a little worried that the robust hug Brett gave him would be a bit too much for him.

My interest in Brett was due to his love of the game. He could make the ending of a game hair raising and exciting. He could fire that football like a rocket. I'm not such a fan of his exit strategy and the other to-do that took place. His wife is more tolerant than most women would be.

Thank you, Madame, for your lovely blog.

Beejay said...

Stay warm and safe, my friends! Pool is at 84 degrees. Biggie will be putting his toes in later. We may get rain tomorrow, or not. LOL.

Have to finish up my Christmas, of course!

OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, Mme. Z., for another message from the aether.