Monday, June 6, 2016

Open Blog - Monday

Where's my glasses? Oh, it's the hangover? My God.


Tender Heart Bear said...

Drew had to be to work at 4am today and of course I took him to work. I have some errands to do today and I have gotten one done this morning that was Wal Mart on Washington Ave.

So on my way home I came down 16th st. I noticed two blocks before Lathrop Ave that the street lights are off all the way up to West St. Then coming down Main St by Gateway Tech College there are tree branches down and also between the Racine Zoo and Melvin St there are branches down. By are house there is a lot of garbage that has blown around also last night are lights flickered on and off a few times. I know the storm last night was bad but I didn't think this bad.

OKIE said...

Morning. Stay safe THB.

OrbsCorbs said...

It was a storm spurt or something. It only lasted a few minutes. The wind was blowing like hell from every direction. It kinda scared me, but I didn't hear any sirens so I wasn't too worried.

Happy Monday.