Friday, July 8, 2016

Open Blog - Friday

The end of a four day workweek. Have a great day.


OKIE said...

I really don't like waking up to really bad news. That being said, I did know it was going on last night, I just didn't know how bad it got.

BUT, I really like waking up to thunder which happened today. With badly needed rain. More storms later and we are ready.

An update to my friends sons death. John was meeting his friend Barry when he got the call. Barry ended up driving John back to Pensacola as they couldn't get a flight. Christy, John's wife had a minor breakdown and was admitted to the hospital. Barry described her as having "dead eyes". She is home now, if they are even staying there. No word on the cause of death. I'm sure an autopsy will be or has been performed. So very sad.

Other than that, IT'S FRIDAY!!!!!

OrbsCorbs said...

I can't imagine what your friend's wife is going through. Or him. They're still in my prayers.

It's too hot to do anything.

OKIE said...

Thanks Orbs. We are getting a wonderful thunderstorm. It's gone on for an hour and lots and lots of rain.Oh, and we just had an earthquake, or so the TV said. I didn't feel it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Dang, OKIE, you live in an environmentally active state.

They keep predicting rain here, and you can even see it on the radar approaching us, but then it dissipates. Like 10 times in a row. My gardening buddy says we need lots and lots of rain. He's been watering like crazy. Now they're saying no rain till Tuesday, but it's a crap shoot - no one knows the weather that far ahead, not even Madame Zoltar.

Anonymous said...

Yep, it's Friday !