Wednesday, July 13, 2016

"While race narrows, negative views of Clinton and Trump remain entrenched"

From JSOnline:

Presumpteive presidential nominees Hillary Clinton (left) and Donald Trump (right). Credit: Associated Press  

By Craig Gilbert of the Journal Sentinel
"Amid a tumultuous summer for the country and the campaign, the negative views of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin appear almost fixed in stone, impervious to events.

"That’s one take-away from a statewide poll released Wednesday by the Marquette University Law School.

"Clinton’s lead over Trump among likely voters in the state narrowed from 9 points in June to 4 in the new poll, taken last Thursday through Sunday.

"She leads Trump 45% to 41% among likely voters polled and 43% to 37% among registered voters, a slightly broader measure of the potential electorate.

"That suggests a tightening that is consistent with a number of other state and national surveys released this week.

"But what is striking is how little fluctuation there is in perceptions of the two presumptive nominees, despite a series of dramatic developments since Marquette’s last survey June 9-12. Among them: the Orlando massacre and its aftermath; the FBI’s findings that Clinton was 'reckless' in using a private email system as secretary of state; the Dallas police shootings and the searing debate over racial violence; and the latest in an ongoing spate of controversies over Trump’s campaign rhetoric.

"Yet views of Clinton and Trump are almost identical to what they were a month ago, which isn’t encouraging for either one."

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They both turn my stomach.  Vote OrbsCorbs, Of Course, for Persident 2016.

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