Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello my dear friends!  How are you?  I'm broke, so when a call came in from the Bahamas from one of my best customers, I flew there.  I just got back a few hours ago.  So that's why my blog is late.  And it's a crappy day out there, cold and wet.  I know that the landscape needs the rain, but it's depressing.  And I'd swear that some of the rain drops were actually s-word.  I know, I know, were headed that way whether we like it or not.  Put me down for "not."

I look to local news but all I see are political lies and gore.  It's way beyond depressing in that area.  Criminals and fools are the best the local news can do.  I swear, someday I'm going to get a job at the Journal Times and change everything.  That's right after I fix the rest of the world.

Everybody's fighting somebody.  There's so many players on the field that I can't keep track of them.  Or, rather, perhaps I don't want to.

Just like I don't want to believe that our heroic warriors Green Bay Packers were laid low by the Minnesota Vikings.  The tune will change this time, as Lambeau Field hosts the Detroit Lions, at noon, Sunday, September 25.  Murder da bums, boys!

Here's the standings from the Irregular Football League:

I guess that neither I nor Mr. OrbsCorbs have anything to brag about.  We'll see what next week brings.

I can't take the drone of the political ads and interviews and "events."  My mailbox is stuffed almost daily with political ads.  The television spews their bile regularly.  It's only going to get worse as election day approaches.  Also, those oversize, high gloss, political ads barely fit in my mailbox.

And the thing is it's almost all bullshit.  In any case, most voters decided who they're to vote for months ago.  Wouldn't the money expended on these mailings and TV ads be put to better use helping the lowest in our society?  Of course it would, but you'll never see it.  The candidates will all come out with some bullshit plans to help the poor.  They'll talk on and on, BUT the poor rarely see a cent.  More importantly, it robs them of a chance at a job.  That BS money could help train people for the jobs of today.

If I ran for president, I think I'd keep it at a very low key.  I wouldn't go around the country promising lies to each group I met.  I wouldn't send out any political mailings.  I'd announce my candidacy, and have copies of my master plan available.  If any reporters want to talk to me, they have to come to me.  I'd have an online base of operations with said master plan available for downloading.  I guess I'd have  to go to the debates, but I'm not a performer.  I'll say what needs to be said.  I might even win.

Hah!  Imagine OrbsCorbs with his finger on the nuclear trigger.  I might just take everybody, a city or country or two, out of circulation.  If the French don't like it, fuck them.When's the last time you heard about the French winning a war?  I'd pull all of our troops out of other countries.  If something flares up, it's their business.  If they insist upon making their business our business, we nuke 'em.  After a couple of those, the world just might be a finer place.

Well, thank you, my dears, for stopping by to read my blog and maybe share a comment or two.  I love getting readers, and I love you.  We are family.

Who is going to win this weeks match ups in the Irregular Football League?  Ask

Don't forget to stop by next week.  We'll be here with new and interesting content.  Heck, just about every day has that on the JT Irregulars.  We love you.


Anonymous said...

Since you are speaking about the French
Can't let a good french joke go by

Q: How do you confuse a French Soldier?
A: Give him a rifle and ask him to shoot it.

OrbsCorbs said...

Once again, thank you Mme. Z., for your insightful blog.