Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my cream and coffee.  You are all the sugar I need.  My your lives be filled with ease.  And ego.  And idiocy.  It looks like temperatures take a dive on Friday and don't rebound for the foreseeable future.

Eek.  Winter is on the way.  Not a lot we can do about it, especially since Mother Nature's implosion.  Now is the time to grin and bear it.  Kick the old snow thrower awake, and get the little one going, too.  Don't forget the small power equipment, either.

Don't forget to get you vehicle winter ready.  Of course the vast majority of you will ignore this advice and instead your vehicles won't start or get into accidents.  It's natural selection.  Let the games begin!

The Irregular Football League's standings:


O my, the only one I'm above is Mr. OrbsCorbs,  which isn't saying much.  Nyuk-nyuk..

Our once omnipotent Green Bay Packers are rolling into a spin of losses.  All of the rest of the games on their roster are away games.  Damn.  People are beginning to lose faith.  Once that happens, nothing can stop their tail spin.  They're taking on the Washington Redskins this Sunday night.  Good luck, valiant warriors.

Happy Birthday, Charlie.  Take it easy on the special catnip that I gave you.  It's real creeper stuff.  One minute you're watching TV; the next minute, the TV is watching you.   

I read in the Journal Times online about the mayor's sputtering about Machinery Row and the new arena/hotel.  No one believes in him anymore.  Aw, poor mayor.  Your lies don't gain much  traction anymore.  You should regularly check Racine Community Media for YouTube videos of him lying through his teeth repeatedly, and then getting a little testy when an attorney tries to pressure him on a point involving his brother, Peter.  The most common thing you hear Dickert say is "I don't know."

It's funny how he says this repeatedly while giving a deposition, but he is a cocksure conman on the outside.  Won't someone please knock him on his ass?  Won't someone become the spokesperson  for the poor and the alienated?  Mr. Dickert seems to almost go out of his way to harass the most vulnerable in our community.  We need a white knight to save us and protect us from Dickert.  Won't someone please step up to the plate?


I love all of the JT Irregulars, past and present.  Your reading of my blogs seems to energize me.  I love it.  Keep it up, please.

Read, read, read:

Please remember that I'll always love you.  Always.

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OrbsCorbs said...

Thank you, Mme. Z., for your always insightful blogs.

I'll take your comments about me to be friendly ribbing, and not what finally forces me to punch you in the face.