Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my elves!  How are you?  What did you think of the snow we had on Monday?  It snowed all day, but never came down too hard.  By Tuesday, most of it was gone.  That was a good practice run for winter driving.  Please drive carefully in the snow and slush.  And the ice soon to come.  I try very hard to avoid road ragers and other goofs who insist upon driving the speed limit (or higher) no matter how bad conditions are.  We've all seen the tragic results of driving too fast in winter conditions.  What is it with these people?  Do they think that they're invulnerable?

I lost control on the ice once while making a turn.  I hit the curb and the car ended up with a front wheel buckled in.  I don't remember what it cost, but it took about a week to repair it.  I was doing well and had good insurance.  Everything was covered, even a rental car to drive until my car was repaired.  I ended up with a Ford Focus.  Puh-leez!  No wonder I hate cars today.  Just wait.  We're on the verge of driverless cars being loosened upon the populace.  I hope I've stopped driving by then.  And don't get me going about roundabouts!  I hate those things.

The Irregular Football League is already in its playoffs:

I'm playing against Mr. OrbsCorbs.  We'll see who advances and who stays behind.

As for the Green Bay Packers,  they won one this Sunday past, taming the Houston Texans.  This coming Sunday, the Packers face the Seattle Seahawks at 3:25 pm in Seattle.  Good luck, our Road Warriors.  Just knock them down, one at a time.  Knock them down.

From The Journal "Saturday free parking OK'd for Downtown, Uptown and West Racine." Some of the merchants say this will be abused by residents of the areas and/or employees.  Another great idea not thoroughly thought through.  The whole parking meter mess should be removed.  It's just another way to tax you for a road you've already paid for.  Given the state of city finances, I don't think we'll see parking meters coming down soon.  Mr. Mayor Lying John Dickert needs every cent he can scrape up.

Also  from The Journal "Family rattled after dog killed during warrant execution"  I know we shouldn't rush to judgement, but if this played out the way the story tells it, they should sue the snot out of the police and the city.  My God.  It reads like a horror story.  Which frickin' judge authorized the warrant?  Racine just keeps crapping its pants.

Well, thank you dears for reading my blog today.  The more, the merrier.  I love my readers and they love me.  If only we could see each other in person.

Thanks again for reading.  Let me know what you think:

Button up, my babies, it's getting cold outside.  Be careful, be careful, be careful.  I love you all and I don't want to see anyone hurt. Take your time.  That's the way I go.

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Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame- I have a bye week this week for the fantasy football playoffs. I went from third place to second place this week. I just can't believe that one.

I try to stay inside when it is snowing outside because I just hate the crazy drivers in the snow. I do not think they know the difference between snow and rain. To me they are just as slippery.