Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my big and small!  How are you?  The temperatures outside have been gorgeous.  It's supposed to cool down a little over the weekend, but it seems almost as if spring is here.  Our mailman was wearing shorts yesterday.  It made me think of my shorts.  Oh dear, I don't think I'd fit in them anymore.  After I lose 20 pounds, maybe.  I think I'd have to stop eating for a couple of weeks.  To heck with that.  I'll eat and stay fat and happy.

Mayor Dickface is pushing ahead on all fronts of his real estate projects.  We have to take down streetlights to remain fiscally alive, but Dickface has millions upon millions available to him (and only him).  He's starting on Machinery Row and his arena plan.  We, the people, have little to say about it.  They're talking about hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars.  They'll take our money but not our advice.  Dickface don't need no lecture from the taxpayers.  Just sit back and let him bankrupt the city.  Dickface wants his name on the arena, but if truth wins out, he'll have his name changed to numbers in prison.  Why is it so hard for him to see that a few thousand cars coming into Racine for an event at the arena  would paralyze downtown.  And there's more than enough housing available for people of low income in Racine.  The projects at State and Main took care of that. Some people in the old Olson Auto Supply building feel trapped by the garbage that's been allowed in.  There is human feces smeared on the hallway walls regularly.  The entire building stinks, literally. So Mayor Dickface wants to take our tax dollars and build more housing for these animals downtown.  Good.  Keep them all in one place.  I think the mayor should move into one of those apartments.  He'd be close to City Hall all of the time then; ever ready to pounce on any real estate plan that any idiot throws up.  We've seen the marvels of Dickface's real estate genius in projects like Pointe Blue and Porter's.  Both had huge buildups from Mayor Dickface.  Both properties remain vacant to this day.  Now, it's Machinery Row,  Will someone please lock Dickface in a closet long enough for our local economy to recover financially?  We're supposed to be close to being a Top Ten city.  Ha ha ha ha.

Meanwhile, King Trump lies like crazy at his press conferences and then says, "That's what I was told," when confronted with his lies.  Who is telling him stuff?  He never says.  It's the perfect set up for lying like crazy, which King Trump takes every advantage of.  King Trump is still campaigning even though he's already won the Presidency. What a klown.  He stands there and complains that none of his appointments will be approved.  What did you think would happen when you became King, Mr. Trump?  All those promises (lies) he made, and he's already backpedaling.  Goddamned politicians should be shot.  Shot in the foot for minor law-breaking, and shot in the head for the big-time pricks.  C'mon, King Trump. you should be behind this.  Unless, of course, if you think you might get caught up in it . . .

Here's the latest in fashion which I'm going to get Señor Zanza.  He better appreciate it:

Ha ha, only kidding.  I would never waste money on such garbage.  What's the matter with designers who come up with this sort of crap?  Are they designing clothes for the Jetsons?

That's it, gang. I've spewed my bile and feel much better.  But I feel sorry for all Racine taxpayers because of our drunken Mayor.  At least the weather's good.  At least they haven't unleashed storm troopers on us yet, but I'm expecting it.

How many corrupt politicians are in Racine?  Ask

Enjoy the crazy weather.  Madame Zoltar loves you all very much.  In fact, my heart bursts with joy with every chance to be "Irregular." Keep the faith, my troops, and we may wrestle control of our city from the takers and return it to a giver.  We just need someone who thinks of the city first and his wallet not at all.  Mayor Dickface is being paid.  Do your job, Dickface!
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Anonymous said...

Even the Jetson's wouldn't wear that shit.
George would be appalled, Jane would be embarrassed, Judy would be gassed and Elroy would be......well shall we say like the Trump haters.