Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Stranger than Fiction

(AP) - Steve Eve, 40, of Gladstone, AZ was recently confronted by a mother bear with two cubs while he was out camping.  "I peed my shorts," Eve says.  "I didn't move and I didn't even realize that I was pissing."

The bear seemed very interested in Eve's wet shorts, then she gave a snort and ran off with her cubs.  After some experimenting, Eve realized that all the bears he tested were driven off by his urine.  He would pee onto some rags in a Ziploc bag and head out.  As soon as he saw a bear, he unlocked the Ziploc bag and threw the pee-soaked rags at it.  Every single one was driven off.

Eve is now marketing his urine as a bear deterrent.  He calls it "Steve's Pee."

Eve says, "Never go out into the wilderness without a bottle of Steve's Pee, or take me along."  Eve says that if you take him along, he will provide his own beer, but you must provide the food.

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