Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

I'm sorry this blog is late, but our basement is flooded.  At first I heard Junior's whoops of joy, soon to be replaced by Senor Zanza cursing.  He's been in the basement for hours now.  What could he be doing?  Fishing?

Mayor lying John has announced his last day on the job: July 16, which also happens to be Mr. OrbsCorbs' 66th birthday.  I can't think of a finer gift to give Mr. OrbsCorbs.  Although he's toned down the rhetoric in recent years, Mr. OrbsCorbs used to taunt the mayor daily.

I wonder if lying John has left an orderly plan for this transition?  LOL.  Not.  I wonder how much money his comrades stand to make?  We've given away millions already.  What's a few million more?

I'm not at all impressed with the three people who have announced their candidacy for mayor.  If this is the best Racine can scrape up, then we deserve everything we get (or don't get).  I can understand, though, an honest person's reluctance to walk into a cesspool.  Most Racinians are blind to lying John's machinations.  No one cares as long as their belly is full.  No one cares until the taxes are due.

This is a real chance to put someone who is ethical and has the community's best interest in mind into office.  I'm sorry to say that I think we'll blow it.  It's like we have a death wish.  We'll elect some Dickert stooge, and not much will change.  Everyone keeps following orders.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Oh dear!  More swearing from the basement.  That doesn't sound good.  I told him to beware electrocution.  I'm not even going to ask him how it's going.  That would just get me involved in the madness.  When he's had enough, he'll come upstairs.  I can make him a sandwich then and we can discuss the situation.

Obviously, we're not the only household that's flooded.  The county has declared a state of emergency.  I think that does little to help me.  I'm not "connected."  No one is going to come here and pump out the water unless I pay him/her to do it.  I'm not even going to ask why our sump pump failed.  It simply has.  There's nothing to do now but deal with the damage.

Thank you for reading my blog.  I love more readers.  Mostly, we're a merry bunch, except when our basements are flooded.

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Enjoy the warm temps even if it does rain too damn much.  Wet and warm is better than wet and cold.  We had some beautiful days last week.  They'll return,  I hope.
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Tender Heart Bear said...

Madame Z I hope everything is going good for you and I am so sorry to hear about your basement. I wish I knew of someone to help you get the water out of your basement.

Drew's work was out of power for 2 hours yesterday from the storm. I can not believe all the damage the storm did yesterday.