Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my children!  How are you?  Does it seem to you that colors are more vibrant, birds chirp more often, everyone looks a little happier?  That's what I call the lying John effect.  Everyone felt a load taken off of their shoulders as soon as lying John left office.  I know that I feel better with that conman out of office.  Unfortunately, we'll be living with the effects of his years in office for a long time to come.  I was hoping that the idea of an "events center" and hotel would die, along with Machinery Row, with lying John gone.  We'll just have to wait and see on those.

I'm already getting excited about the Packers' new season.  Will they finally make it to the Super Bowl?  Or am I being unrealistic?  Actually, I know.  But you don't.  Go, Pack, Go!

Did you read about the man who bought an ice cream cart to make some money, but says he's been kicked out of every location?  Now he's selling the cart:
Is that poor planning by a startup, or over regulation of businesses in Racine?  At first, I believed the city was throttling new, small businesses.  But now that I think of it, every ice cream cart I've seen was moving unless making a sale.  $3,000 he paid for the cart.  Oh dear.

I just read that the body found in a ditch in Mount Pleasant has been identified as that of a missing Kenosha teen: There is so much violence in our society that I can barely take it.  Many Europeans consider all of us to be gun fanatics who get off on killing each other.  I'm just waiting for the next cop/civilian shootout.  The Europeans may be right.  Canadians have as many guns per capita as the USA, but only a small percentage of our deaths.  So why do we have so many gun deaths?  Is it our media or movie or music business to blame?  Or all of them?  I don't know this one.  You tell me.

Junior wants a gun (and a Playmate and a car), but I tell him he has to wait until he's 18.  I assume that Senor Zanza is qualified to teach him gun safety.  I have no objective reason for believing this, but every time I've needed something or someone, he's always been there, and quickly resolves the problem.  Maybe I should propose to him.

Thank you, guys, for reading my blog this week.  I love a lot of readers.  I love a lot of things.

We're in the heart of summer.  Get out there and enjoy it. 
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