Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Open Blog - Tuesday

Happy, yappy Tuesday.  Let's "Get 'er done!"

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OrbsCorbs said...

I failed an emissions test because my "check engine" light was burnt out. I watched a YouTube video on changing instrument cluster lights for my year and make truck. It didn't look too difficult. Of course, my system is completely different from the YouTube video and it turns into the task from hell. After three days of fucking with the instrument cluster, I finally got it out. It was connected to the dash by a short piece of ribbon wire. I made a mental note of the importance of the ribbon wire. After changing a bulb in the instrument cluster, I couldn't find the ribbon wire. I've spent the last three days looking for it. As a friend said, I'm fucked. The truck runs without it only off of the battery. That's soon depleted. They made six different systems in 1996 and they're no longer in production. I have a speedometer shop looking for the ribbon wire. What galls me is that I was working on the truck downstairs, in the parking garage. There were no cars parked next to my truck on either side. So how do I lose the ribbon wire? Easily for an orbscorbs