Friday, November 9, 2018

"Wisconsin’s Deal With Foxconn Was as Bad as They Come"

When the public relations talking points fade, the facts begin to emerge.

Wisconsin’s Deal With Foxconn Was as Bad as They Come

The state offered billions to win a big factory. It will create some jobs, but at a staggering cost for taxpayers.
"If that all sounds like a bad deal, it’s because it is. Tim Bartik, an economist who studies industrial policy, calculates that Wisconsin is paying about 10 times the typical amount per job created. And that’s a best-case scenario. The Taiwanese company isn’t contractually obligated to deliver those 13,000 jobs -- it could decide to ship them to China instead, or even to close the Wisconsin factory in 10 years. In fact, Foxconn has already changed the type of factory it intends to build, switching to a cheaper, less advanced manufacturing process."


Anonymous said...

Fuck you. You were all about this asshole in the beginning. This website attacked and silenced anyone who had anything negative to say about his regime. You cheered when he championed his divide and conquer hate for public education and enforced Act 10 to kill unions. Now, all the good teachers have moved on to higher-income, private sector jobs or simply retired because they no longer were treated like professionals. Your tax dollars are now diverted to private schools; the elite have moved out and left nothing but a public school crisis with over-crowded classrooms and not enough staff to combat the increased needs of the poverty-level enrolled students. He lowered your taxes. Right. Hope you enjoyed that $15 tax cut. Maybe the pizza you got was worth the massive reduced services you no longer get. We can also talk about lack of civility that he, and politicians who stood with him have brought into the norm. Those of us who opposed him will not forget those of you who supported him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous has an attitude.
This anonymous has one too.
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The Sheriff said...

"This website attacked and silenced anyone who had anything negative to say about his regime." Horseshit. "This website" publishes the blogs of members no matter what their politics are. Join up. We'll publish your blogs, too.

Anonymous said...

What is Foxconn developing and why was it so critical to push through so quickly?
Why did Paul Ryan resign?
Why did Rahm Emanuel resign?
Why did Scott Walker throw the election?
Who is Maria Butina?
Why did Trump avoid the area?
Why was Randy Bryce selected as the fake opposition when everyone knows he had zero chance of winning?
What did Evers say about Foxconn?
Who controls the public schools and what are their expectations?
What young 'leader' was sitting on a school board member's lap at meetings?
What is the real "Vision" for Racine?

Why did the last two mayors and city administrators resign?
Where did John Dickert stay on his trip to New York?
Who else in Racine has ties to New York?
Why is Racine recruiting from New Mexico?
What clubs are they all connected to?
How are people compromised?

What happened to the criminal corruption complaint and investigation?
Why is a city council member being targeted?
Why are corrupt media companies taking over her "defense"?
Why is Machinery Row being demolished?

What is the Racine Development Authority?
What is the Arkansas Development Finance Authority and what happened with it?
How are these related?

Anonymous said...

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OrbsCorbs said...

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TSE said...

Where's the love?

racinecountycorruption said...

Do we have a bipolar anonymous answering him/her self?
One rants and raves while the other one belittles itself.
That is one messed up Anony.