Sunday, July 7, 2019

Families return to Navy Pier to try to reclaim strollers, other items abandoned in post-fireworks chaos

  • The woman was among dozens of people on Friday searching for lost items at Navy Pier in the aftermath of a chaotic end to Chicago’s annual fireworks show.

    On the verge of tears, she explained to staffers at the pier’s lost-and-found that she was scheduled to fly to New York and needed the identification she had lost Thursday night when word of an active shooter spread through crowds pouring out of the pier’s Fourth of July celebration, causing panic and pandemonium.

    Witnesses said cries from young children pierced the air. Parents desperately searched for lost children. Hostesses in a nearby restaurant hid under tables. Some people even tried to hide in a freezer and storage area at the restaurant, according to two servers who work there.
We heard, but can't confirm, that they charged people for parking, again, to pick up their stuff. How many dozens of thousands of people went home and told all their friends about their "wonderful" experience at Navy Pier this holiday and swore to never set foot in the city again?

Special Ed and Fred Waller were the usual political toadies:
  • Amid the commotion, private security officers assigned to the event signaled a possible active shooter threat and began telling the crowd to take shelter, inciting a “stampede-like” scenario, said Chief of Patrol Fred Waller. At least 17 people were injured, and 31 juveniles were arrested on disorderly conduct-related charges, police said.

    “I was there personally, and I can tell you things were very chaotic,” Waller told reporters. “In the end, there was never an active shooter, and no one was shot.”

    Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson was reluctant to criticize the private security guards for apparently sparking the chaotic scene, saying, “We want to err on the side of caution.” He said he planned to talk with them.
Who has the politically connected contract for the Metropolitan and Pier Exposition Authority grounds? And how many ex-exempt members of the CPD are working there as we speak? Media trolls - are you asking these questions?

We're going to have to give credit for this one to all sorts of people, starting with Rahm, and continuing through Crimesha, Tommy, Timmy, Toni, Special Ed, with special appearances by Shortshanks and Groot, seeing as how the buck stops there.

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