Saturday, July 18, 2020

Dead Bicyclists, Slashed Tires, and Burning Vans Consume City of Racine

From Racine WI - Sin City:

Dear City of Racine Mayor Cory Mason, Spokesperson Shannon Powell, and Alderpersons,
What I personally witnessed on 7/16/20 in Uptown Racine is very disturbing.
Between Junction Avenue and Memorial Drive was a pattern of destruction which could only be accomplished by a gang bent on destructive activities – to wit:
A vehicle – Black Jeep, with all 4 tires slashed behind the Timers Liquor store which also recently had a window smashed and was looted. Going North a block, I witnessed 4 vehicles in the parking lot behind Corner House with one tire each slashed. On 17th street, I witnessed yet another vehicle with a tire slashed. The Racine County Eye carried this story:
RACINE, WI – No one was injured in a van fire intentionally set at 4:22 a.m. Thursday in “an alley in the 1500 block between South Memorial Drive and Owen Avenue.
Firefighters with the Racine Fire Department responded to a passenger van on fire, according to a press release by the department.
Officials say the estimated loss totals $1,000”.
Van fire set intentional, officials say
I spoke with a local Resident on Junction Avenue – only to discover that his Honda had been broken into and ransacked!
Now we have a dead bicyclist found in Pritchard Park!
“RACINE — The Racine County Sheriff’s Office and Racine County Medical Examiner’s Office are investigating the Thursday afternoon discovery of a dead male at Pritchard Park, 2800 Ohio St. in Racine.
The 79-acre park facility is owned and operated by Racine County.
Racine paramedics were dispatched to the scene at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. First responders requested the Medical Examiner’s Office respond to the scene.
Racine County Public Works employee Owen Young found the body while mowing near the playground area by the Wieczorek Pavilion at Pritchard Park, near the pond at the corner of Ohio Street and 21st Street.
“I was mowing the area near the playground and I looked forward and seen a guy with a black sweatshirt on and a bag and bike,” Young told The Journal Times. “I called my boss after that. My supervisor called 911 and rescue showed up and came over here and then the deputies showed up.”
The discovery was a jarring experience for Young.
“With the whole scene with the guy and stuff it kinda made my heart drop, tears in my eyes, because I’ve never seen that stuff before” Young said”.
I note that in Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Democrat Paradise: (click on image below to enlarge)
As I mentioned earlier – City of Racine has become an out of control City ruled by violence, death and destruction. Mayor Cory Mason and his entire Staff must resign, Municipal Judge Robert Weber and City Attorney Scott Letteney must be fired, and the threats, violence and property destruction needs to end.
Tim & Cindy
City of Ratcine – Exit 333 straight to 666

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