Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my dears!  How are you?  Did you go to Kenosha yesterday to see Mr. President Trump?  He was right about one thing: an overwhelming show of force by law enforcement keeps the "peace."  All of our political divisiveness was on full display, but no one rioted.  No one was given the chance.    A lesson learned by local law enforcement?  Maybe, maybe not.  As Mr. President noted, once he resurrected an old law that punishes those who deface monuments (statues) with ten years in prison, the statues stopped coming down.  It kind of reminds me of babysitting.  Once the kids are given a strict bedtime (curfew), they usually go to sleep.

I really hated to see the senseless destruction in Kenosha.  Small businessmen were targeted simply because they were there.  Easy pickings.  Too bad for those who lost everything.  If I had been there, I would have placed the dreaded Zoltar Curse on the rioters.  When people riot and burn down totally innocent businesses, they aren't "protesting" anymore; they're simply rioting.  That is, they're throwing a hissy fit, and, like unruly children, they need to be spanked and put to bed.  As for those who throw rocks and other projectiles at police, the cowards deserve to have their heads busted.  Defund the police?  How about defunding the rioters?  Take away their discretionary income by ticketing them and fining them in court.

When the boy with the assault rifle shot three people, killing two, it was already way past the rioters' bedtime.  The spoiled brats of our democracy need to serve some time in the military, or otherwise serve our country.  That will help a lot of them grow up, something they sorely need to do.  A stint in the Army usually transforms a person.  People thereby gain some discipline and self-control, properties sorely lacking in the rioters.  I'm sorry for the lecture on the rioters, but have you seen pictures of some of the destruction in Kenosha?

What on earth does a business owner do to deserve that?  And how will he/she pay for it?  How does this prevent another shooting like that of Jacob Blake?  It's simply a matter of grown babies throwing a tantrum.  I would be so ashamed to be a part of that . . .

That's it, my dears.  I can't continue on or I will suffer a stroke.  I am ashamed simply to look upon the destruction wrought by spoiled brats.  Fie, upon thee!

I love you all and thank you for reading my blog.  Kisses and hugs to you.

Please be sure to respect one another.  It's our best hope for peace.
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