Saturday, October 24, 2020

Censoring of Comments

Submitted by legal stranger:


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From: Harry Wait <>
Date: Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 4:37 PM
Subject: censoring of comments
To: Stephanie Jones <>, <>

Good afternoon Stephanie and Dee,


Could someone please explain why the following comment was censored?

equity? pffft There is a reason why this judge is nicknamed "Robber" Weber. Within Weber's municipal court there lies a very troubling and cozy relationship between the city's attorney office and the judge. This relationship is so toxic and convoluted that court records were destroyed. When court files were requested for an appeal, appellant was informed that no records exist for the case. Weber in conjunction with city attorney Nhu Tran fined defendant over $50,000 for minor building code violations.. The appeal case was docketed as case Racine County Circuit Court case 2019CV001357 where the case was dismissed with prejudice. Weber is a special kind of "robber" for the city read more here:

The above comment and one very similar to it was not posted,  both were properly submitted into the comments.

Would either of you like to respond why comments are being censored and the truth is not allowed to be commented in your newspaper?

Harry Wait

Harry Wait

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Anonymous said...

Harry Wait asks an interesting question, actually Harry Wait asks a whole lot of interesting questions, but like everything in the City of Racine and increasingly from the County....Silence.

And.....If the court system demonstrates a tendency to play fast and loose with information and the rights of it's citizens why would anyone trust the City or County to be truthful regarding the response to COVID-19 including statistics and how funding was spent?