Friday, January 8, 2021

Wisconsin COVID-19 vaccination ramps up, to expand to more groups this month

Susan Johnston, a UW Health pharmacy technician, prepares a shot of COVID-19 vaccine.

More than 110,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine had been given in Wisconsin as of Thursday, with daily immunizations increasing and the effort expected to expand from health care workers and nursing home residents to other priority groups by the end of the month, state officials said.

But to match President-elect Joe Biden’s pledge to vaccinate 1 million people a day nationally, and to achieve herd immunity in Wisconsin by fall, the state will need to receive up to two to three times the 70,000 doses a week it’s now getting from the federal government, officials said.

“Our system is working, and we are in the process of continuing to increase entry points for people to get vaccine in our state,” said Julie Willems Van Dijk, deputy director of the state Department of Health Services. But, she said, “we don’t have enough supply to open the gates much wider.”

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I'm 69 years old and have chronic kidney disease.  Some people have already received the second dose of the vaccine.  I have no idea when or where I'll be vaccinated.  This is horseshit.

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