Monday, April 19, 2021

Boomer Meltdown: Woman’s Mexican Lover Shoots Her, Gets Run Over by Her Boyfriend


What is wrong with boomers?

Why do they do teenage sex drama into their 50s?

New York Post:

Staggering new video has captured the moment a doomed love triangle erupts in murder and revenge — at a Bronx traffic triangle.

The video starts with Lizbeth Mass, 52, being gunned down on the sidewalk — allegedly by her jealous suitor, Jose Everaldo Reyes — during her lunch break at her City Island construction site on Wednesday.

But as horrific as her murder is — she was shot six times in broad daylight at City Island Avenue and City Island Road, police say — what happens next is chilling.

As Mass lay crumpled on the sidewalk, the murderer calmly walks back toward his bicycle, tucking his gun in his waistband, video of the scene obtained by The Post shows.

Seconds later, her boyfriend, identified by police as Dwayne Walker, allegedly sprang into action to stop Reyes, 66, from peddling off.

Walker’s Hyundai Sonata blasts into the picture from left to right, ramming into his girlfriend’s alleged murderer, and sending him and his bike flying.

The thrown man struggles to rise to his feet, grabbing onto a “Detour” sign for balance.

But seconds later, the Sonata roars back into the picture, from right to left — without its driver — and it rams the alleged gunman a second time, this time in reverse.

The apparently enraged boyfriend then catches up on foot, pushing Reyes onto the hood of the car, and pummelling him repeatedly, the video shows.

The beating continues for about 30 seconds until bystanders and officials arrived.

The accused murderer, a handyman who lived alone in a South Bronx basement, often ate lunch with Mass, but grew enraged after finding out she was in a relationship, the victim’s brother told The Post.

“The guy lived around the area,” he said of Reyes, “and he was always bringing lunch to her, and my sister is a friendly person to everybody, and he went out to her yesterday, bought her lunch” again, Raul Mass said on Thursday.

Men are thirsty as hell out there.

And women are lapping up that thirst, taking total advantage.

Probably, this is another thing that wouldn’t have happened if it were not for the virus hoax.

Everyone is going nuts.

The raw video is a lot of fun:

(If that’s showing NYP ads, refresh the page – I can’t find the raw video anywhere else.)


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