Friday, April 9, 2021

Electric currents, underwater speakers scare up invasive Asian carp in Mississippi River near La Crosse

From JSOnline:
Laura Schulte
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


LA CROSSE – A fishing expedition for a highly invasive species of carp is underway in the waters of the Mississippi River. 

Armed with underwater speakers, electrofishing technology, large boats and nets, employees from the Wisconsin and Minnesota Departments of Natural Resources are trying to find out how many carp have made their way up the river to La Crosse, and how many of them may be spawning new carp into the environment. 

The operation so far has netted about 30 carp over the first few days of the operation, enough to establish that the fish have been able to finagle their way this far north, putting other fish and organisms in danger. 

The effort is focused on taking on bighead, grass and silver carp, non-native species that have caused damage to ecosystems in Illinois, Missouri and Ohio river systems, and are spreading north via the Mississippi. The portion of the river in which this effort is taking place is called Pool 8. 

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