Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pork Invaders: Hip Outreach to the Younger Crowd

Yep, I had to post this from John McCain's web site, the unfortunately titled game...Pork Invaders (think dirty..."Pork invaders?") And he made the mistake of putting code on his website so I could embed it here!

You can see that it uses cutting edge graphics, exciting, fast paced game play, and the prize is learning how bad the other candidate is. Your score is tabulated in millions of dollars you save.

Pork Invaders is also a Facebook app...Facebook! A social networking sight used by the technologically literate.

I played the game...it was amazingly easy...you I had to TRY to die (I wanted to see what happened...nothing, unfortunately except "Game Over"). Does McCain think so little of the video game prowess of his supporters? Does he not ask us to work hard and accept challenges?

And the choice of Space Invaders. They just keep coming, wave after wave. Is he saying we can never defeat pork?

I predict this game will be a big hit among those who have not seen video games since 1980.

So make your predictions: What will be next? For John-McCain, I predict Pac-Man where you eat political action committees. He will follow up with his version of Bible Defenders to solidify his conservative base.

For Obama's web site, he will go more modern and put up a "Transformers" video game where you can see McCain's positions change before your eyes. He will then give people a chance to best his score in Obama Bowling.

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kkdither said...

I rock at that game. How high-tech! Why do people call him a fogey? hehehehehe