Friday, May 8, 2009

Becker and Fisk do a deal!

Party on....... with a family company!

h/t Racine Post


OrbsCorbs said...

Business as usual, I assume.

Anonymous said...

J-Wax is crooked, I've been saying that for years.

SER said...

things can change in 5 years.

as long as it keeps jobs here in Racine, I don't see a problem with it.

kkdither said...

I see both sides. A huge tax break for JWax in the years outward... And, big chunks of cash for Racine, NOW, when it is desperately needed.

Big companies do this sort of thing all the time. The city and this company felt they both benefited from it.

Companies are lured by cities all the time with incentives to relocate and bring jobs. That is how and why the idea of TIF's came to be.

I don't think anything illegal was done. SCJ is the best at making sure of that. From what I understand, they could have done all of this with or without the cities support or backing. The city just didn't contest it.

There are many SCJ haters around. I don't fully get that. Is it jealousy? Is it misunderstanding? Without jobs, you would not have a tax base.

Where do you think this city would be without the income, high wage professional jobs, tourism and ALL the unknown and less published gifts to the city from this company?

Anon, everything is crooked in the game of life. Who promised you fair?