Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dear Madame Zoltar

Hello, my cool cucumbers! How are you? Have you been enjoying the wonderful weather these last few days? Spring is literally bursting out all over.

Congratulations to Racine Mayor-elect John Dickert. Good luck, Mr. Dickert. I predict big things for you. Very big things.

I had an unpleasant start to this week, and have been recuperating after a brief illness. No, it wasn’t the swine flu, or H1N1, or whatever that horrid bug is. Unfortunately, I’ve been too ill to prepare much of a blog. There were no urgent emails this week. The rest is a blur of toilet paper and yucking it up with Uncle Orky. In any case, I’m cutting short my usual prognostications and banter in order to further rest my ravaged body and soul. Even a psychic can get sick when she doesn’t take care of herself. Sometimes, you know, that’s the hardest thing to do: taking care of yourself. Somehow, I’m going to find the time to take care of me, even if I have to give up some of those $400 an hour sessions with members of the local judiciary. There’s no way, though, I’m cutting into the $650 an hour I get from the feds.

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Please make sure to get out and enjoy the season. This is my favorite time of year. My blessings are upon you until next week, my dears.


kkdither said...

Madame, so sorry you have been under the weather... but, as you say, better that it is this gorgeous weather.

Please take care of yourself so you can be up to your usual (preconceiving) oops! predicting ways... darn spellchecker! :>

Beejay said...

Madame, please recover quickly....we miss your usual barbs!

Unknown said...

I'm sening well wishes back to you.....