Sunday, May 31, 2009

Listening to the Police Scanner on a Saturday Night

Over on the Racine News site, they have a live, Racine police scanner on the lower right of the page. Last night, a little after 11 PM, I decided to listen to what was happening in Racine on a Saturday night. I listened for about half an hour. All I can say is, "Wow . . . "

When I first turned on the scanner, there was about thirty seconds of silence. I wasn't sure if it was working. Shortly, though, it became, and stayed, busy. Dispatch was continually directing officers to new calls. Domestic violence. Burglar alarm. Fights. Injuries. Suspicious persons. More fights. More injuries. More calls. On and on and on.

No major crimes were dealt with while I was listening, but the volume of calls for service stunned me. The men and women in blue are very busy in Racine on Saturday night. Very, very busy. And summer isn't even officially here yet.


Sassa said...

I turned it on at about 8:00 pm cause I had just called about a loud party in the area. They said they were quite busy so it would be a while. I continued to listen. The Rescue squad hardly had time to get back to their station before they were called again. VERY interesting. Yes the beginning of an interesting summer. BTW by 11:00 the loud party had stopped.

kkdither said...

When you sit and listen, it is very easy to see why the police are skeptical when they arrive on a call. The things they see and the bs they have to put up with each and every night are mind boggling.

That, however, is not a pass on bad behavior or bad service on their part. I've seen and personally experienced both. Each call should be treated with respect. Much like teachers or any other profession, if you aren't up to the task, then get out.

OrbsCorbs said...

I bet that 80% of the calls for service today would not even have been made a few decades ago. Most of them are for issues that adults would have dealt with while a child was growing up. However, responsible parents are no longer politically correct in Racine, so the cops and teachers have to do that job, too.

Hey Sassa, back when I lived in the old apt. building, I would call the cops about loud parties, too, but always felt a little bit guilty about taking them away from "real crime." And half the time, the parties would start right back up after the police left. Then I discovered in the basement where the circuit breakers were for the apartments. The next time all hell broke loose on the third floor, I just cut power to that apartment. LOL!!!! Too frickin' stupid to figure out what had happened, the partiers just left.

Sassa said...

Orbs you are my hero! Actually the party was down the block but was so loud I thought someone nearby must have called already. The dispatch said someone had. Ahh birds chirping, amps blasting..summer in Racine. It is very interesting to listen to the scanner on a hot summer nite. BTW did you hear the latest...some one was described as Indo-American. They are going to run out of continents.

OrbsCorbs said...

Did you hear about the Afrikaner boy awhile back who emigrated to the US with his parents? While filling out some forms for school, he indicated that he was African-American. Officials said no, he cannot be African-American because he is white, even though he was born and raised in Africa. Meanwhile, people who have never seen Africa, cannot speak any African language, and know nothing about Africa, are referred to as African-Americans.

See, the first thing you do is corrupt the language, thus corrupting all manner of communication amongst people. Once language is trashed, thought follows suit. Good can be made to equal bad, "all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others." etc., etc. The propaganda machine rolls on and on. Illegal aliens become "undocumented workers" or "immigrants," spitting in the face of hundreds of thousands of real immigrants who busted their asses to come here legally.

The lies are already built into our language now. How can anyone hope to find the truth when the only tool for doing so is fabricated from lies?

EtherEagle said...

Well put Orbs! The programming runs deep in an otherwise shallow society. That's why propaganda is so useful and effective! However, many people are starting to take notice! Thanks for the invite to the sight, kkdither, happy to be aboard.

SER said...

A dollar and a dime....cures a lot of people.

For some reason they don't like the idea of "sleeping with da fish".

SER said...

Not that the police are busy now but...
Madison -- The Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee passed provisions that would allow inmates to be released early as it worked through the wee hours to finish its version of the state budget.
Democrats pushed the measure through on a 12-4 vote along party lines.
"This provision guts the idea of truth in sentencing," said Rep. Robin Vos (R-Caledonia). "There are going to be more victims."
But Democrats said the measure would help reform the state’s 22,500 inmates so they would get jobs, pay taxes and stay out of trouble.
Read the whole story at JS Online
Finance Committee signs off on corrections plan