Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Hot dog cart gets the runaround"

"RACINE — Since he opened Top Dog Hot Dogs a week ago, Caleb Robinson’s mobile business has gotten a lot of customers — and a little unwanted attention from the city.

"Robinson, 24, has been told he can’t sell on Monument Square. He said he’s also been told he can’t sell from the sidewalk. His options were difficult to determine Friday.

"City ordinance apparently forbids peddlers — and Robinson operates under a peddler’s license — from selling in a city park without that department’s permission. Monument Square is a city park, and that’s primarily where he had hoped to sell."

Monument Square is a city park? And it's OK to blast music at a memorial for war dead, and it's OK to sell beer there and get drunk and dance and puke and pee on the monument for war dead, and it's OK for a farmers' market to sell vegetables there and other vendors to shill cheap trinkets on a Saturday morning there, but it's NOT OK to sell hot dogs there.

This is what occupies our civic leaders. A lot of big pigs in a very small sty.

Party on!


AvengingAngel said...

Typical bullcrap from our "leaders".

SER said...

Monument Square is a city park?

Then North Beach must be a city park. Why is there someone selling beer and wine, plus having music down by the Oasis?

What a bunch of shit!!!!!!!

kkdither said...

We can't find the money to cut the grass on median strips, but we have the time and the resources to hassle a guy who is trying to operate a legitimate business and stay off the unemployment line. Makes no sense, city leaders.

Milwaukee has these carts all over. They figured it out; it is good for increasing foot traffic for local business.

BTW, Monument square is nothing more than a brick paved lot. We removed the reflecting pools and the greenery. How was that an improvement?

Anonymous said...


The city is pissed because they are not getting a percentage of this guy's Wienie sales.

Also, the Jwax assholes / Red onion are pissed it's cutting into business and an "eyesore".

Racine, a great place to live.

Anonymous said...

I agree it is b.s. that the city gives the permit and the vendor is being harrassed.

It's also a bunch of b.s. to whine and snivel without any proactive suggestions.

The key is 'permit to sell in a city park'. Has Caleb applied for this required permit? If not, I suggest to do this first thing on Monday.

AAngel, I agree, typical crap. SER, Monument Square is a city park, hopefully that is o.k. with you. The Oasis, gee, they must have a permit to sell in a city park. KK Cutting grass on median strips is a County problem, the city has nothing to do with that. I do agree with you on everything else in your post, with the exception of your statement about Monument Square being a 'paved parking lot', it is a memorial to our soldiers that fought for our freedom during the Civil War, show some respect. Anon 4:43, Blame it on Jwax? That is an ignorant statement.

I have enjoyed reading the blogs here, I hope the JT Irregs don't get caught up in the same mindset that ruined the jtonline blog.

kkdither said...

anon, I certainly meant no disrespect to our soldiers... on the contrary. Tell me how a paved lot with plastic lawn furniture shows respect? We once had a memorial to the soldiers there with a park, benches and reflecting pools... It was outdated and needed to be refurbished. However, instead of making it something attractive, it became cheap, flat and plain.

I am aware it is the county that is responsibility for the medians. It may be county, but 31 and 38 run though what most people consider to be city. The tall unsightly weeds are a reflection on the city as people enter from the west. I brought it up to make the point that people aren't thinking when these decisions are made. Our leaders (city and county) seem to get caught up in the minutia of trivialities and can't see what is good for the whole.

The big upset over children in the fountain downtown is another example of this lack of forethought in decision making.

Anonymous said...

KK, I also think the plastic furniture is weak. I agree the square could be more attractive, as it has been in the past. The city has taken a low maintenance approach in this last design. Fact of the matter is, the monument to the soldiers is there, and is first and foremost the reason for the dedication as a park. I know, from reading your posts that you were not being disrespectful.

The medians by Hwy 31 and Hwy 38 are an embarrassment because of the way they look, and a potentially huge liability because of obstruction of visibility for vehicles turning into oncoming traffic.

The fountain definitely needs to be readdressed.


Anon 7:36

OrbsCorbs said...

"Fact of the matter is, the monument to the soldiers is there, and is first and foremost the reason for the dedication as a park."

Then why do DRC and the city keep holding parties on a memorial for war dead? Why do they keep blasting music, serving beer, getting drunk, urinating and vomiting on the memorial's pedestal? DRC's top pig pointed that out himself, saying he didn't think the cannons should be returned to the monument because of what people already do to the memorial - never mind the fact that his organization encourages the people to act that way.

OrbsCorbs said...

Move the monument to a place of honor, respect, and solemnity.

Put up a memorial to the gangbangers' dead downtown instead as that is what DRC policies promote. Let them pee and puke on that.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36-

If you don't think Jwax hasn't complained about this, you are a stupid idiot.

Read the papers lately and see the sneaky BS they are pulling regarding property taxes.

It's people like you that are to stupid enough to realize these things that are ruining this city.

Now get back to you Jwax job would ya?

Anonymous said...

too stupid that is.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:50, Two stupids trump one ignorant. You win.

For the record I have been self-employed for over 30 years, never had any dealings with Jwax.

We do agree on the fact that the hot dog guy is getting the run around. Maybe this commonality will be the beginning of a great relationship.

Have a happy Full Moon tonight!

A 7:36

kkdither said...

I enjoy new comments, however, I don't think name calling helps you get your point across. You speak of hoping this site doesn't become like the JT site. That is the speciality there...

Speaking of names.... (my pet peeve) please consider using a name that we can relate to. You don't have to commit to join the site, but it gets confusing when one anon is bashing another, or is it a split personality thing? ;>

I don't believe you can blame JWax for all the woes of the city just because some of the people that work there are arrogant or out of touch with reality. I find that generalization only makes for a weak argument.