Friday, August 7, 2009

Positively Pigs

Mayor Dickert is the focus of s story on the Racine Post: The story states that the mayor wants us to be positive about Racine. I believe that this is a worthy cause, but it is impossible for me to get behind a liar. You never know what a liar is going to say or do. Dickert lied to us about the city administrator's position during his campaign. He lied about a 10 year plan for Racine. A couple of weeks after taking office, he held a fundraiser for his re-election campaign. Then he met behind closed doors to install an unqualified Becker crony and confidant into the city administrator's position (which he said we didn't need) at an unheard of salary for an unheard of 6 years. Then he jets off to Rhode Island claiming that his tax-paid jaunts around the country will get jobs for Racine. (Gee, does that sound like some other recent mayor, hmm?) Meanwhile, NO jobs have turned up for Racine, but the mayor and his cronies are doing just fine, thank you.

I am so sick and tired of politicians telling us, the residents of Racine, that we have to get behind and support their lies, or we are being negative or whiners or whatever.

I will be positive about Racine when you STOP LYING TO US!

I will be positive about Racine when you represent ALL OF RACINE and not just DRC/RAMAC/J-Wax.

Pig politicians oinking and oinking and oinking about Racine is NOT POSITIVE - it's just the usual PIGS out for glory and more slop.


kkdither said...

I think when you are removed from reality, reality becomes what you make it. Keep calling it out. That is all you can do. Your voice is heard.

Reminds me of another website that recently asked everyone to be more "positive." Kringle. Humph...

OrbsCorbs said...

How can you support lies? I DO NOT understand it anymore. Lie, lie, lie to the public, then bitch because they don't believe your lies. WTF??!!!

racineuncovered said...

Nicely said! Guess it's take on your elected officials day today. The majority of them are MORONS in my opinion. Let them keep screwing Racine up and the only ones that will be left here will be them and a nice looking area because everyone will get the hell outta here.

kkdither said...

Hahahahaha. The mantra is stolen. Carol Meekins, at Channel 4 in Milwaukee, has been giving out awards and doing that segment for years. Now Pete is backtracking, questioning who used this first? Then he says it doesn't matter? C'mon folks, it DOES matter.

SER said...

Most people believe child molesters and rapist are #1 worst people around. These people are some super low life individuals.

I have no idea why politicians want to take over first place, but they sure are working at it!