Monday, November 2, 2009

Science is Real

I have been on the road a lot recently and haven't had much time to write. On of the blog entries that I know I needed to do is to plug They Might Be Giants new album Here Comes Science. This bargain comes with a 19 track CD as well as a DVD with videos for all the songs. All the songs are science based ditties laced with TMBGs sensibilities that have made them a long time favorite of mine.

I am lucky enough to be at the Association of Science and Technology Centers annual convention in Forth Worth. TMBG signed copies of their CD Saturday night (yeah, I got mine signed) and did a performance at the reception last night. They rocked the house and had a bunch of nerds belting out the chorus to songs such as "I am a Paleontologist" and "My Brother The Ape". They did some of their classic songs as well.

Here are a couple of videos of songs from Here Comes Science.


kkdither said...

So when are you gonna cough up and tell us what will become of the galileo telescope they signed???? hmmm????

OrbsCorbs said...

Nice tunes and videos. Hurray for science!