Monday, May 23, 2011

"'Zombie Apocalypse' campaign crashes website"

"(Reuters) - A blog post by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that mentions a 'zombie apocalypse' as a lighthearted way to get Americans to read about preparing for hurricanes drove so much traffic that it crashed the website, the agency said on Thursday.

"The Zombie Apocalypse campaign is a social media effort by the CDC's Public Health and Preparedness center to spread the word about the June 1 start of hurricane season."

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention zombie blog page:

I think that's great. I'm sure there are many people who consider this an unfit use of tax dollars, but I like it. You never know when zombies might attack.


Huck Finn said...

If you want the rules to surviving the world post Zombie apocalypse, watch Zombieland. If gore bothers you, turn up the volume and pop some corn for the first five minutes of narration. It is filled with dark humor if you like that stile of juvenile comedy.

Rule #1 Cardio... Being able to outrun zombies is important.

hale-bopp said...

Zombieland was a lot of fun with one of the best cameos by a Hollywood star ever...won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it.

Another research group did a project simulating the spread of infectious disease. Instead of doing something boring, they did Zomieism and I am sure they got more press out of it that way!