Friday, December 9, 2011

Four for Fridays

Hello everybody! Welcome back to Four for Fridays, after a seemingly long week filled with trips to Milwaukee and tons of overtime. Here are some questions for ya!

1) What was the most memorable Christmas for you?

2) Ever get a Christmas present you didn't want?

3) Do you think politics has changed over the years?

4) What kind of winter sport do you like?

Enjoy your weekend!


Why Not? said...

1. I remember one year Santa left an old coca-cola machine (one that you pay a quarter open a door and pull out a glass bottle) and a leather baggie for each of us kids with 10 dollars with of quarters so we could buy our own sodas.. I drank so many sodas that Christmas I threw up all over the place..

2. Many, Santa would often bring me clothes that I didnt like.

3. It's either I'm becoming more aware because I'm getting older and pay more attention or it has always been very vile.. Seems to me that politicians and civilians alike can no longer compromise and we have to hate everything the opposing side has to offer.

4. to play.... uhhhhh.... i couch warming a sport?? Or maybe child chasing?? To watch I enjoy watching football as long as it's the Packers..

Tender Heart Bear said...

1) That would be last year our first Christmas together. I will always remember that one. That will always be the best Christmas for me because I was with you!

2) That would be the year my dad was lost his job. All we got that year was coloring books and crayons.

3) Yes and for the worst.

4) None I don't like being outside in the cold. I agree with why not about watching t.v. and staying warm.

jedwis said...

Drew, you would have proud of me this am...Rockin to Led, J Giels, & ZZTop.
1. They are all memorable...I think?
2. I got re-gifted a label maker once.
3. I am looking forward to reading Orbs answer to this one.
4. Platform Tennis...A 5th goes to the one who know what the hell that is. lol

Hey Why Not? What happened to your picture thingy, could you not find a festivus cap like everyone else? lol

Beejay said...

1. The year we moved to Milwaukee and I received a pair of ice skates and my first fur lined pair of 'shoe boots,' as we called them then!

2. Yep, many.

3. Yes, and not in a good way.

4. Sunbathing....;)

OKIE said...

1. It was in 1988. After we opened our presents we all went over to my aunts house. She suffered a stroke years before which affected her speech and movement but you could still understand her (especially when she swore). I remember her smiling and happy with all the family around. The next morning we received the call that she had died. She loved Christmas and I am always comforted by the fact her last one was happy.

2. I'm with Why Not, clothes I didn't like.

3. OMG. Politicians. I hate the word dysfunctional but it, as well as stupid, greedy, lazy, self-centered, disrepectful, etc., etc., etc.,

4. I guess I'd have to say my favorite winter sport is watching the Packers and watching skiing on tv.

DodgeBoy said...

1. They are all memorable in some way. Can't single one out.

2. Yes several, and it's always clothes.

3. Yes it's changed and for the worse. Mis-information, mis-representation, and flat out lies!

4. Video games. Good winter activity.

OrbsCorbs said...

1) No one sticks out in particular. As a kid I loved the excitement and the toys. As an adult, it became somewhat of a chore. Now it's OK - I just roll with it.

2) Probably clothes as a kid when I wanted more toys.

3) The polarization is phenomenal. My politcal beliefs come from all sides. As soon as I state one thing, though, everyone automatically labels me D or R, and I'm neither.

We have nothing but the aboslute worst, selfish pigs "reperesenting" us, D or R. I still think every member of Congres should be hung from a streetlight - and I am not joking - but nothing will change except that working people will get screwed more and more. We can see it in Racine where lying John cries "poor" to us when it comes to services for the taxpayer, but spends our money like a drunk sailor on his pet projets and cronies. I'm trying to move on from it on a personal level, learn to accept that a criminal runs our city. When I force myself to ignore the suffering of people in Racine, then it's not too hard to accept a lying swine bully as the boss.

Indeed, I was quite the criminal and conman myself when I drank. Sober, I'm even better at it. I think more and more of joining the pigs and just screwing everyone else as much as possible for personal gain. Why not? It's what our "leaders" do.

4) As a kid, I loved sledding. I lived a block from North Beach and the lake bank. I also liked ice skating at the zoo pond. As an adult, I don't partake, but I like the ice and snow scultpures when they have them downtown.

Toad said...

1. The year my dad died. He died on Dec. 3rd. 1971

2. I don't remember one. I think we were always happy.

3. Politics should be a FOUR letter word. We elect our representatives for SERVICE, not politics.

4. Shoveling Snow.

kkdither said...

1. The little kid years where they squealed with delight at the packages as they opened them.
2. Isn't that always the pressure? As 'someone' pointed out, I'm rather persnickety... so, I guess I have to admit to yes.
3. I think there was always corruption, but, yes... much, much, much dirtier now.
4. I used to love to sled. Now I just slip on the ice.

kkdither said...

Toad, I think it is sweet that you still use your birthday cake as your avatar.

Jed. You really got me with the label maker comment! lm(tushy)o!

drewzepmeister said...

1) I remember one year my sister waking me up in the middle of the night telling that she got a hamster for Christmas.

2) Doesn't everybody?

3) The government = business these days, in search of the almighty dollar. Of course, money talks and it seems like that's the reason many politicians vie for office these days. I was under the impression that the government was supposed to help, lead and protect the people, not to make a profit.

4) I hibernate.

Toad said...

KK, The cake was a special thing for me. I don't know HOW you do It, but your ability to create just amazes me.