Monday, March 11, 2013

Party On Gear

"Party On Gear features the Hand Lettered look that has been banned by City Hall and is strictly VERBOTEN! Keep away from all store front windows. Whether you're avoiding crumbling buildings, criminals, or the potholes in Racine, be sure to steer clear of City Hall's SWAT*. Store Window Aesthetics Team. Let City Hall know you are on to them."


Toad said...

Can we add OTHER Mayor's to the line, and make It a National campaign?

OrbsCorbs said...

They all lie. Lying is part of being a politician. But lying John has raised it to an art, begging nonprofits for money on one hand while giving away our money to his friends with the other. He is fearless of the law. We will always bail him out, always pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for his lawyers. He uses the power of City Hall to keep a foot on the throats of residents. Complain and he might turn off your lights, or deliver a midnight message via RPD. He's mayor 24 hours a day and a criminal 24 hours a day.

Party on, lying John!

TSE said...

LOL. It's hilarious, yet sad.

It would be a riot to see someone wearing a the tie to a city hall meeting.

It's sad to see what is happening to Racine.

OrbsCorbs said...

It's very sad to see what is happening to Racine. Dickert has two more years to loot us. He has supporters downtown who hang out a huge John Dickert banner for all to see when he is running. Of course, those supporters don't pay their property taxes. Lying John supporters don't have to pay, just everyone else.