Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Open Blog - New Year's Eve

Don't forget a designated driver.


lizardmom said...

last day of the year, wowsers!
I won't need a designated driver, I doubt I'll be able to stay away til dark! See you all in the new year!

SER said...

beautiful legs there.

Just love'm

Happy New Year to ya'll!

May it be the best one yet.


Beejay said...

Happy, happy New Year's Eve to you all! I doubt if we make it to midnight. We are gong to a friend's for dinner.

Stay warm and safe!

OKIE said...

Staying in tonight and having a nice dinner. I will probably make it to 12 but I'm sure hubby will not.

Happy New Year!

Tender Heart Bear said...

We are going out to see a movie this afternoon and going out for dinner after it. Then coming home and staying safe away from the drunk drivers tonight.

We hope everyone enjoys there New Years Eve where ever you will be. Happy New Year's to everyone.

Toad said...

We don't go anywhere. It's been year's. I still can feel the shakes at about 3:00 In the afternoon on New Year's Day. Me no like.

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy New Year, JTIs!

New Year's Eve is amateur night. I don't go out much after dark anyway.