Monday, March 9, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

First one to blink, loses.


lizardmom said...

I woke up too early... the night before I slept up at the hospital with my sister. All night, either she had to get up, or they woke her. I think I was thinking I was still up there... best news tho, I brought her home yesterday morning!! She was so glad to be home.
I'm on jury duty this week, so I'm scheduled very short, early shifts at work. That actually works out well, if I don't have to go in, I can be on call for her most of the day.

SER said...

Lizardmom, you better watch all you running around helping out and stuff or you'll be the next one in the hospital. to much stress, lack of sleep or rest, Ware yourself down to much and end up catching so "bug" in those dang hospitals..

Beejay said...

Morning. Busy week for me. folks coming for the Antiquarian Book Show.

OKIE said...

I'm always in awe when I go to bed and there is no rain in the forecast, but yet when I wake up there is an 80% chance of rain. Don't mind it though as we need it desperately.

LM - SER is right, get some rest.

And in other news, out on the Daily Mail yesterday there was an article about 2 young men having to be rescued off floating ice in Racine Wisconsin.

Also being reported is two young American women who decided to carve their initials into the Coloseum in Rome.

You can't fix stupid.

Have a great day Irregulars.

Lika Saliscente said...

Take care of yourself, Lizard Mom. :) Glad you got to bring your sister home.

I am always so busy... Wishing the JT Irregulars a great day, and a great week, and sending best wishes to all.

kkdither said...

Monday? I'm on a new kick of pretending Monday doesn't exist. So far, not so bad....

It was dark and cold this morning with the time change. Felt like the middle of the night. I did have a good moment, though. Was able to change the tricky clock in the car on the first try. Why, oh, why would they have you push the sound button and hold it to activate the clock settings? Someone must have been giggling their pants off when they decided that one.

OrbsCorbs said...

I didn't do the truck clock yet. I always forget how and have to mess around for awhile.

Beautiful day today. I patiently waited for some asshole who blocked my way out of a gas station. I said nothing to him when he finally got into his car. But I didn't dare make eye contact. Then I would explode and call him a "f**king pig!"

LM, my eyeballs are on fire from rapidly reading what you do in a day or two.

Nice to hear from you, Lika.

OrbsCorbs said...


Every year some idiots drive their vehicles onto thin ice and watch them sink.

You're right, you can't fix stupid.