Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Blog - Monday

Yay, coffee the superhero!


lizardmom said...

caffeine definitely makes the world go around! Without it, I can't function.

OrbsCorbs said...

Happy Monday.

I love coffee, but it tears up my stomach. I get my caffeine from Coca-Cola

A friend who stopped by my apartment at the height of my recent puke-o-rama, called to say that he's going to call me every day for a week to make sure I'm OK. How sweet.

Beejay said...

We arrived at our vacation home. A long day! I neeeedddd more cofffeeeeee

OKIE said...

Tragedy was averted at the Okie household yesterday. I was changing my box of wine when the spout opened up and wine started pouring out. Got it stopped but not before it made a big mess all over the fridge. After I licked, I mean wiped it all off, everything was good.

Have a great day Irregulars. We hit 95 today. The heat is coming.

Have fun at the vacation home Beejay.

Orbs - I hope the stomach problems go away today.

kkdither said...

Finally did some grocery shopping today. I had to pay 2.49 for one dozen of regular large eggs, and this was Aldi's! They even put a note on the refrigerator doors that said, "Sorry, due to an egg shortage nationwide, the price of eggs has gone drastically up."

Without coffee and the caffeine fix, I get a headache. You don't realize it until you skip it. Hope you feel better quickly, orbs.