Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Cheers as wine o’clock added to dictionary"

From: The Oxford Times:

Amused: Manager of the Oxford Wine Café George Sandbach outside OUP in Jericho

"THINGS are looking rosé for wine drinkers who are celebrating the corking decision to add 'wine o’clock' to the Oxford English Dictionary.
"Oxford University Press has announced that wine o’clock is one of a variety of new words that have been added to

"It is now officially defined as 'an appropriate time of day for starting to drink wine'.

"The decision was welcomed by George Sandbach, manager of the new Oxford Wine Café in Jericho, which will open next month.

"Mr Sandbach said he was not surprised that wine o’clock was being added to the dictionary because he saw people using it all the time on social media.

"He said: 'I think it’s quite amusing, although it’s always wine o’clock here. It was only a matter of time before it was added.'

"The new Wine Café is scheduled to open on the corner of Little Clarendon Street and Walton Street in three weeks.

"Other words added to the online dictionary today include ‘hangry’ (angry due to a lack of food), as well ‘Brexit’ and ‘Grexit’ (potential British and Greek exits from the EU)."

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Really?  Really?  When is Shot and a Beer O'clcok?


kkdither said...

They say it is always wine-o'clock somewhere. Moderation, folks. I've been seeing so many people ruining their lives by driving drunk. There is no party or beverage worth the penalty of hurting someone or changing the rest of your life over a mistake.

Toad said...

Our GOP State Senator here Howard Marklein has introduced a bill to allow businesses, and organizations, to have WINE WALKS, and events where WINE tasting will occur. The problem originated when Reedsburg, Wi. wanted to hold a Wine Walk, and were told It was illegal, WHICH IT IS. They got away with one In Mauston, because nobody other than me complained that It wasn't legal. You need a LICENSE, AND the Wine has to be served by a licensed person, neither of which was done. The next time they tried It, they had to cancel the event. I'm opposed, because all of these UPPITY people from the LAKE, and all the wealthy WHO'S WHO folks will pay the fee and attend, and probably get loaded, but nobody will give a damn, because they are TOO important to the community. At the one they managed to pull off, the filthy ice cream shop down the street participated. Not a bad pairing Wine, and Ice Cream. Would that be Red or White? How about a good ROSE" and a New York Cherry?

OrbsCorbs said...

I never was a big wine drinker. My ex-wife, however, drank red port wine every day. Even as an alcoholic, I couldn't stand that stuff